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Privacy Policy & Security

GDPR Added Privacy and Security rights

To Simplify the new changes which we have made effective as of the 13th of June 2018, the following is noted


  • We use ‘cookies’ on the Tableking website. This enables us to record the items in your Shopping Cart. It also ensures the right products are ordered and allows you to seamlessly flow through the Tableking website. You can disable Cookies in your Internet Browser however this will prevent you from using the Tableking website.
  • Cookies are small text files. These are stored on your computer. They assist to load pages faster for your computer as you browse. They are made by your Internet Browser on your computer. You can see the Cookies you have on your computer by looking at your Browser History.

    Cookies help our website know what type of device you are using so your device can see our website the way it should be seen on that device. For example a Mobile device will look differently than a Laptop or Tablet.

  • Cookies also help us keep track on popular pages so we can better serve you by buying popularly viewed items. Cookies do not provide any personal information such as your name or credit card details.
  • Third party cookies are used on our website to capture incomplete orders and see what you were looking at buying. By using the Tableking website you authorise us to use these cookies for the purpose of digital advertising which we pay for on the internet. These cookies will assist with remarketing the items you looked at via advertising throughout the internet and different marketing companies. You may also receive a “Complete your order email’ from our Mail Server. This does not mean you have joined our mailing list and you shall not receive multiple emails unless you subscribe to our Newsletter.

Privacy and Your Rights

  • We collect personal information from you when you place an order, subscribe to our Newsletter, Join our Facebook page etc.
  • Your personal information is kept encrypted and secure in the My Account section of the website.
  • Our site automatically collects Time and length of your visit, what pages you viewed, what order of pages you were browsing, your geographical location, your type of device, IP address, mouse behaviour, download or connection errors and page response times. Our website also for the purpose of being intuitive alerts us to typing errors in a product you are searching for so we can better our Search Feature for future customers.
  • When you place an order your details are provided through the Tableking checkout to us. Third Party Payment with PayPal or Afterpay is with those companies and your agreement with them differs from our agreement with you.
  • When you pay via Credit Card we are provided with information relating to that Transaction from your financial institution such as whether the card is decline or stolen.
  • When you complete an order your email is used for the purpose of our Newsletter and future Marketing from Tableking. We do not sell your email address to any other party. Your email is also used to deliver your Order Confirmation as well as your Tracking details. This is very important to avoid missing your delivery. You can opt out of our Newsletter at any time by simply clicking opt out at the bottom of a Tableking Newsletter.
  • You have the right to request us to remove your information from our database. This means total erasure of your private details including your name, address, phone number, email address. In this event you shall have to ensure you keep a copy of your Tableking Order Confirmation as proof of purchase. the reason for you needing to keep your paperwork is after we delete your information we shall have no record of your purchase.  To request your information be removed you must send your request to us in writing via the contact us page. remember once we delete your details we can not retrieve them.
  • What we shall keep is the original order number, item of purchase and total cost as well as the date of purchase. We shall have no identification related to you on our system and would not be able to assist with any product warranty.
  • Your private identify information is shared with third parties that Tableking works with. This includes our Banking Institution, PayPal, AfterPay and any Law enforcement agency we may contact in the event of fraud or theft.
  • You may ask for a copy of the data we store regarding your account with Tableking and we agree to provide this to you within 7 days of request.
  • In the event that we have a data breach we shall notify all Tableking customers within 72 hours. For us to do this we would require you to maintain a current email address in your account at all times.

Security of Credit Card information

Tableking does not store your credit card information in a central location at any time.  In the event Tableking and its server were compromised by a third party our server and database does not have your full card details making it almost impossible for fraud to occur by a breach of security.  Putting this aside our website offers the latest in https Secure Connection and encrypted checkout pages so your data being submitted to us is encrypted at all times.

For those customers who do not want to use their credit card on our website we also offer options of PayPal and AfterPay.

Privacy Policy

Tableking offers 100% commitment to keeping your privacy secure and safe.  During 19 years of online retail we have never sold ANY customer details to a 3rd party. We guarantee to keep your information private.  You can shop at Tableking with complete and absolute confidence.

During your time browsing on our website some general – not personal – information is shared with our private systems and recorded.  This information helps us in improving our website for you and other shoppers in the future. Data collected includes:

  • Your location
  • Type of device being used
  • Browser being used on your device
  • Time on our website
  • Pages visited

We do not have access to your computer or any of its files and at no point can Tableking access your private computer or device for information other than general information as outlined above.

How do We collect information

Personal information from you is provided at all times from you directly.  This includes use of:

  • Filling out the checkout form to complete your purchase.
  • Information sent to us from Afterpay, Paypal or eBay for your address confirmation and order confirmation
  • Completing our contact us form, warranty claim form or similar.
  • Entering or subscribing to our Newsletter.

ALL the information provided above shall not be shared with any third party unless in the event of a court order or criminal matter.

How we use your information that you submit

We use your submitted information as outlined

Should you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy please contact us using the contact us page.

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