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Best Chef’s Knives – Top 4

A good Chef’s knife is a loyal companion in the kitchen. Let’s face it, every time you cook you will need a chefs knife. No other knife can perform such a wide range of tasks with ease; it is the ultimate all purpose knife which no kitchen should be without.

For this reason, it is important to buy right first time round. Listed below are Four of our top Chefs knives. Each knife offers different qualities that are unique to its design which may or may not be the features you are looking for in a new chefs knife. These features include weight, bolsters, stamped vs forged, materials and more. We also discuss the knives Rockwell hardness

Global G2 Cooks Knife 20cm

Global G2 Cooks Knife 20cmGlobal Knives are immediately recognisable for their dimpled handle and sleek appearance. However, this cook knife is much more than its contemporary appearance. Our customers choose this knife for its light weight feel and also its thin blade.

Construction: The unique CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel construction gives the blades a Rockwell hardness of C56-58. This hardness is ideal as it not only allows the edge to remain sharp for longer, it is also easy to sharpen when required.

Handling: If you prefer the nimbleness of a light weight knife, then this should be your first choice. For some, a light weight knife can make them feel more in control giving you added precision when slicing.

The unique construction continues to the way Global achieves the perfect balance in their knives. Featuring a hollow handle which is filled with just the right amount of sand, this is said to give you the correct balance. Further to this, the handle is contoured to feel comfortable to hold and use.

Just like many Asian knives, this knife does not have a bolster. Many chefs prefer this style as it is easier to sharpen, and also reduces the weight.

The Blade: If you love to know the nitty gritty specifications then read on. Global Knives are sporting a steeply ground blade edge to an acute angle which extends a quarter of an inch up from the tip of the knife. This innovative edge gives way to a dramatically sharper blade that retains its edge for longer.

Messermeister Royal Elite Stealth Chefs Knife 23cm

Messermeister Royale Elite Stealth Chefs KnifeMessermeister knives are renowned for their long lasting quality knives, these are the type of knives that you could easily pass down to the next generation to become a well worn family heirloom. Perhaps its the fully forged construction or the fact it is made in Solingen Germany, the home of knives; regardless of the reason you will quickly fall in love with all aspects of this knife.

Construction: This is a fully drop forged knife made from a single piece of stainless carbon alloy. The Beautiful American Walnut Burl Handle is a standout feature. Easy to care for, and long lasting. Featuring a Rockwell hardness of 57-58, the blade will keep its edge longer, yet it is easy to sharpen.

Handling: Unlike many forged knives, this Stealth knife offers an unusually thin blade which is about 25% thinner. This reduction gives a slight reduction in the weight of the knife. Many professional knives find that this gives the same heft of a forged knife, with a lightness which is appreciated for a long days worth of food preparation.

There is a bolster-less heel which makes the knife more agile and easier to sharpen than others.

The Blade: Featuring a three step 15° Elite edge which has been hand stropped to create their renown razor sharp edge. This thin profile will have you chopping, slicing and dicing with reduced fatigue.

Tojiro Flash Professional Chefs Knife 24cm

Tojiro Flash Professional Chefs Knife 24cmNot often do you come across such a beautiful knife. Characterised by the beautiful Damascus steel patterning, the Flash professional knife is more than its good looks.

Construction: This is the real-deal Damscus steel knife, made from up to 63 layers of Damascene steel which have been folded and twisted in order to achieve a tougher and sharper blade. The core of this is a primary cutting surface of VG-10 steel. Carrying a rockwell rating of 61, this is a harder steel that will retain it’s edge for longer. The Micarta handle with stainless steel inlay is long lasting and durable. 

Handling: The Micarta resin compound handle has a wood grain feel and sits comfortable in your hand. What’s more, unlike an all stainless steel hand, it will not slip when preparing wet foods such as chicken and fish.

This well-balanced knife has a specially shaped bolster, to allow for further precision in cutting and chopping

The Blade: Featuring a double edge blade that is sharper than most, achieved through 5 manufacturing processes. The Tojiro Flash Professional Chefs knife is slightly more difficult to sharpen as the blade is harder. However the trade off is an edge which stays sharper for longer.

Mundial Cooks Knife 20cm

Mundial Cooks Knife 20cmIf you are seeking a hefty Chefs knife with weight behind it, a razor sharp edge and value for money – then look no further than the Mundial Cooks Knife.

Construction: This is a fully forged knife that has been perfected using modern computer technology. Heated to extremely high temperatures and hammered into shape; this process is then continues with heating and cooling to form a knife that is exceptionally strong. This is a full tang knife with heavy rivet which ensure durability

Handling: This is a heavier knife than the knives we outline above. Many chefs prefer this heftier knife as it can feel more solid to hold and use. The weight will also allow you the ability to get through meat proteins and dense vegetables easier. The ergonomic handle has a design to last and give you comfort. Again, unlike stainless steel handles it will not slip around when cutting chicken and other wet foods.

This knife does have a bolster (the thick metal knob between the heel of the blade and the handle) this serves two purposes. Firstly it weights the knife to ensure a good balance when handling and secondly it can act as a finger guard.

The Blade: The Mundial Classic Forged Cooks knife is thicker than the knives above. Modern computer technology takes care of the blade grinding to ensure precise tapering from tip to bolster. As it does have a bolster, it can be more difficult to sharpen.



Best Chef’s Knives – Top 4

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