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  • Do Cast Iron Skillets Rust?

    Do Cast Iron SKillets rust?

    Cast Iron pots including dutch ovens and skillets are one of the most durable, long lasting cookware materials available. They are the ultimate kitchen workhorse, made of tough stuff While the manufacturing techniques have changed and improved over centuries, the material used is still the same. Cast Iron is generally made from iron, carbon and silicon. […]

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  • Does Cast Iron Work on Induction Cooktops

    Does Cast Iron Work on Induction Cooktops

    For centuries cast iron cookware, in particular, cast iron skillets and dutch ovens has been one of the most popular cookware pieces of choice. Over these centuries our cooking methods have changed from cooking over an open fire, from using gas and electric cooktops. Looking to today induction stove tops are in higher demand as they offer […]

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  • Do Royal Doulton Dinner Sets contain Lead?

    Do royal doultoon dinner sets contain lead?

    Royal Doulton ceramic products including dinner sets, serving pieces and also bakeware undergo stringent quality and safety tests. All pieces meet the Heavy Metals legislative requirements and are compliant with all national and international for the release of heavy metals including:  Food contact surfaces – covered by: USA – FDA Compliance Guides.  The Safe Drinking […]

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  • Do Global Knives Rust?

    Do Global Knives Rust?

    Lets take a look at what Global Classic Knives are made from: Global Knives are one of the world’s most favourite knives for their ultra-sharp blade and ergonomic handling chbuwpe.  Global’s stainless steel knives are made from a high carbon alloy with a minimum of 18% Chromium to protect against staining and keeping the knives […]

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  • Table Inspiration: Countryside Escape

    Table Inspiration: Countryside Escape
    Bring an idyllic slice of countryside dining to your table with an easy table setting that celebrates enjoying meals at a slower pace. This Table inspiration has a fairly neutral colour base of off-whites, soft blue and a touch of timber to ground and enhance the table setting. A country styled table should have a [...] Read More
  • 9 Plates to Bring to a Party

    9 plates to bring to a party
    The warmer weather brings lots of entertaining and dinner party invitations. If you have been asked to bring a plate, please leave your plastic and paper plates at home. You’ve spent much time preparing food to bring with you, why not make your meal look as presentable as possible. We’ve curated 9 plates to bring [...] Read More
  • Best Ways to Store your Kitchen Knives

    best ways to store your kitchen knives
    If you properly care for your kitchen knives, they can last you a lifetime. Infact, some of my favourite knives are the ones passed down from the time my grandfather was a butcher many decades ago. Quality Kitchen Knives are an investment, and purchasing a quality knife will give you so much pleasure in the [...] Read More
  • Table Inspiration: Italian Feast

    Italian Feast
    Mamma Mia! Gather your family and friends together, it's time for a feast - An Italian Feast! If there's one thing the Italian's know how to do well it's entertaining a crowd with food that is full of love. Bring a slice of Italy to your home with Italian inspired tableware that is designed for [...] Read More
  • Top Five: Wine Glasses

    Top Five: Wine Glasses
    After a busy long hot Summers day a glass of crisp, chilled white wine can come as a welcome relief. Wether you are setting the table for the family or for guests, wine glasses are an essential addition to your table setting supplies. When you are shopping for wine glasses you will notice that styles [...] Read More
  • Table Inspiration: Easy Evening BBQ

    Table Inspiration: Easy Evening BBQ
    In an Australian Summer there I nothing nicer than coming home and cooking some meat on the BBQ to be served with a crisp salad. A cool wine or drink is always welcome. Our Summers are hot and long, and it is little wonder why escape to the coast to dip our feet into the [...] Read More
  • 6 Kitchen Tools for a Healthy Start to 2017

    6 Kitchen Tools for a Healthy Start to 2017
    Christmas and New Year is a time to get together with family and friends and often involves an over-abundance of delicious meals, cheeses accompanied by small goods and a plethora of desserts to enjoy. Wonderful company also goes hand in hand with a dash of alcohol in hand. After all the buzz and excitement of [...] Read More
  • Which Dinner Set Should I Choose For Everyday Use?

    Which Dinner Set Should I Choose For Everyday Use

    Choosing a dinner set for everyday use comes with more choice than most would realise. Using a dinner set every day, it needs to be oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. As well as this, you will need to consider material, style and brand before you select your new dinnerware. With this in mind, here are […]

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  • 16 Christmas Gifts for the Foodie

    Finding a gift they will love can be difficult. However, our Christmas Gift Guides make it easy to find one that will be used and treasured. Christmas gifts for the Foodie is a special collection of items that the avid cook will love. 16 Christmas Gifts for the Foodie: 1 Ironwood Gourmet Pyramid Carving Board [...] Read More
  • Mortier Pilon 5L Fermentation Crock Read More
  • Why Choose Cast Iron Cookware

    Why choose cast iron cookware
    Key Points: Why Cast Iron Pans Are a Good Investment Strong enough to last a lifetime Safe non-stick properties Easy to care for Wonderful heat retention properites No nasty chemicals Why choose Cast Iron Cookware?Cast iron cookware has been used for over two thousand years. Cauldrons and cooking pots were treasured items due to their [...] Read More
  • How to Care for Copper Cookware

    how to care for copper cookware

    Owning copper cookware is an investment in your cooking skills. For this reason we show you how to care for copper cookware and keep it in top condition. There are many benefits to owning copper cookware in your home. Besides the beautiful shiny finish, many will argue that copper cookware makes cooking easier and has […]

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  • Picnic Checklist – Printable

    Following on from our Article Top 5 Picnic Essentials, We have put together a Picnic Checklist of everything you may need for your next picnic. There is nothing worse than getting to your picnic spot and realising you have forgotten something. Forgetting the tongs makes barbequing meat really difficult. The checklist is extensive, and probably [...] Read More
  • Top 5 Picnic essentials

    top 5 picnic essentials

    The sunshine is finally peeking through after a long winter signalling that it’s time to be enjoying more time outside. The warm air come as reprise from the cold winds and gloomy days that made enjoying the outdoors near impossible. The kids can finally go our and play and we can look forward to enjoy […]

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  • Table Inspiration: How to set the Table for Fathers Day

    How to set the Table for Fathers Day
    In light of Father's Day fast approaching we share our tips on how to Set the Table for Fathers Day. This table has a masculine vibe, achieved with the use of dark hues and earthy textures. The Stormy dark Navy dinner set by Noritake grounds the table while the use of light coloured table linen creates a contrast [...] Read More
  • How to let meat rest without getting cold

    How to let meat rest without getting cold

    Continuing from the 6 Tools for the Perfect Roast: Restaurant-quality steaks that are juicy all the way through and tender roasts are achieved not just in the cooking process. To cook a cut of meat that will have people begging for more comes down a little-known trade secret – allowing the meat to rest. It’s also […]

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  • 5 Tablecloths that bring Spring to the Table

    Tablecloths that bring spring to the table
    It's time to freshen up our tables and below we showcase 5 Tablecloths that bring Spring to the table. With touches of warm sunshine poking through the clouds, we get a small hint of the beautiful weather that is on the other side of the winter barrier - Spring is on its way and every [...] Read More
  • 6 Tools for the Perfect Roast

    6 tools for the perfect roast
    Key Points: 6 Tools for the Perfect Roast Roasting Pan - the rectangular shape allows for even cooking Roasting Rack - stops your meat from stewing and and encourages even cooking Meat Thermometer - Cook your meat to the perfect temperature for a juicy roast every time Basting Tools - Keeps your roasted meat moist and [...] Read More
  • Everything you need to know about Slow Cookers

    Everything you need to know about slow cookers
    Key Points: Everything you need to know about Slow Cookers What: Electronic Slow Cooker cooks food a low temperatures for generally 4-8 hours Benefits: Safe to use, Turns tough meat into tender meals, One-pot cooking, Will cook your dinner while you are busy with other commitments Cook in the slow cooker: Lamb Shanks, Casseroles, Soups, [...] Read More
  • Top Tips to Make Fast Healthy Meals Everyday

    Top Tips to Make Fast Healthy Meals
    Key Points: How to Make Fast Healthy Meals Everyday Plan your meals Use a pressure Cooker for lightening fast meals Use the Slow Cooker for minimal food preparation One Pot Cooking for a quick clean up Streamline your food preparation Keep it simple Our lives are busier than ever and never before has the need [...] Read More
  • How to Use a Pressure Cooker

    How to use a pressure cooker
    Key Points: How to Use a Pressure Cooker Do a quick check of your pressure cooker to ensure there are no faults Add ingredients including liquids to the pressure cooker, browning first if necessary. Add lid, ensuring lid is locked into place and monitor pressure cooker as it reaches high pressure. Reduce heat to low [...] Read More
  • Everything you need to make a winning salad

    Make a winning salad
    Key Points: Tools for a Winning Salad Salad Spinner Serving Bowl / Platter Spiraliser Salad Servers Oil and Vinegar Set Salad Plates With an abundance of fresh produce available to us year round, the humble salad is the quintessential Aussie side or even main dish. Over the past 10 years the salad has evolved from [...] Read More
  • The Difference between Honing and Sharpening knives

    honing and sharpening knives
    Key Points: Honing Knives: Maintains the knifes edge, and ensures a straight blade by polishing rough surfaces. This is done using a honing rod or honing steel. This should be done regularly, even before every use. Sharpening Knives: Sharpening is when you remove small amounts of steel to achieve a thinner and sharper knife blade [...] Read More
  • Gold Cutlery – Everything you need to know

    Gold Cutlery everything you need to know
    Our love for gold cutlery is one that will not fade over time, it adds the finishing touch to a table setting bringing with it a feeling of luxury that cannot be replicated with stainless steel cutlery. Adding a lustrous shine to your table, gold cutlery has long been a sought after tableware element that [...] Read More
  • How To Care And Clean Your Wooden Knife Block

    If you are interested in purchasing quality kitchen knives, you will have to consider the ways and means by which you will store them. If you store them in a drawer they will become dull. Asides from this, it can also damage the blades. Using a wooden knife block such as the one from Global […]

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  • How to make your Table Setting look Luxurious

    Key Points: How to Make a Luxurious Table Setting Add your best cutlery - stainless steel / gold / Silver Add table linen - Tablecloths and napkins Beautiful Glassware Dinnerware with a metallic trim or contemporary white tableware Don't forget the extras Whether you are hosting an intimate affair or entertaining a larger group of [...] Read More
  • Fast Five – Chefs Knife

    fast five chefs knives
    A chef's Knife is like an extension of a chef's hand, as it is generally the most used item in the kitchen during food preparation. A chefs knife is also known as a cooks knife and is characterized by it's long wide blade generally at least 20cm long and about 3.8cm in width with a [...] Read More
  • The difference between stoneware, porcelain and bone china tableware

    what is bone china,what is porcelain,what is stoneware,difference between bone china and porcelain
    The difference between stoneware, porcelain and bone china tableware You can get tableware in a range of different styles and designs, but it usually falls into one of three main types. These are stoneware, porcelain and bone china. Each has different properties, so is usually used in different settings – everyday use, when you have [...] Read More
  • How to care for your Kitchen Knife

    How to care for your kitchen knife
    Key Points: How to Care for your Kitchen Knife Hand Wash Your Knives Dry thoroughlky to prevent rust, pitting and stains Store in a knife block or knife rack to keep them from being knocked about Hone regularly to realign the blade Use a timber or plastic chopping board - not glass or stone Sharpen [...] Read More
  • 5 Ways to use a Wok

    5 ways to use your wok
    Its probably quite embarrassing to admit, but it wasn't until recently that I used a wok. For the very first time. A recipe that I just had to perfect insisted that a wok was necessary so I obliged and brought home a wok from the Tableking warehouse. This recipe is now a firm favourite in our household, [...] Read More
  • Top Five: Roasting Dish

    The Search for the ultimate roasting dish - or roaster stops here as we show you our top 5 roasting dishes, each with their own features that set them apart from the rest. Roasting dishes are generally used cook roast meats like a leg of lamb, a pork shoulder and an entire chicken. They are [...] Read More
  • Cookware You Should Invest In

    Key Points: Cookware to Spend On Frypan Saute Pan Roasting Dish Medium Stock Pot Small Saucepan The saying goes a chef is only as good as his tools. When budgeting to outfit your kitchen with cookware, knives and appliances and crockery for the first time it can be an expensive exercise so it is important [...] Read More
  • How to Choose a Frypan

    How to choose a frypan
    Key Points: How to Choose a Fry pan Easy to clean or non stick is best Tri-ply base for even heat distribution and retention Does it suit your cooktop? Well weighted heavy base Budget - invest in a quality frypan to save money long term If you are reading this article the you most likely [...] Read More
  • Fast Five – Kitchen Scales

    Kitchen Scales
    Some recipes allow you you to wing it, and place a little less or more of an ingredient while others, especially when baking cakes and treats it can be essential to get ingredients perfectly exact. This short list of kitchen scales includes traditional style mechanical scales, digital scales and the very popular aquatronic scales. Each [...] Read More
  • How to Choose Kitchen Scales

    Choosing Kitchen Scales
    Whether you are an enthusiastic home chef or a reluctant cook, a set of kitchen scales are an essential tool for your kitchen. When browsing for scales you find that the market is vast with scales available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colours each with its own competing features that make choosing [...] Read More
  • Are German Knives the best?

    Why Buy German Knives

    German Knives are synonymous with quality, but what makes them the leaders in kitchen knives? If you are currently searching for a new knife or looking to replace an entire knife set it is likely that you are swimming through a sea of information of knife features, knife quality and of course knife sales in […]

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