• Top Tips to Make Fast Healthy Meals Everyday

    fast meals 200x200 Top Tips to Make Fast Healthy Meals Everyday
    Key Points: How to Make Fast Healthy Meals Everyday Plan your meals Use a pressure Cooker for lightening fast meals Use the Slow Cooker for minimal food preparation One Pot Cooking for a quick clean up Streamline your food preparation Keep it simple Our lives are busier than ever and never before has the need [...] Read More
  • How to Use a Pressure Cooker

    how to use a pressure cooke 200x200 How to Use a Pressure Cooker
    Key Points: How to Use a Pressure Cooker Do a quick check of your pressure cooker to ensure there are no faults Add ingredients including liquids to the pressure cooker, browning first if necessary. Add lid, ensuring lid is locked into place and monitor pressure cooker as it reaches high pressure. Reduce heat to low [...] Read More
  • Everything you need to make a winning salad

    need for a winner salad 200x200 Everything you need to make a winning salad
    Key Points: Tools for a Winning Salad Salad Spinner Serving Bowl / Platter Spiraliser Salad Servers Oil and Vinegar Set Salad Plates With an abundance of fresh produce available to us year round, the humble salad is the quintessential Aussie side or even main dish. Over the past 10 years the salad has evolved from [...] Read More
  • The Difference between Honing and Sharpening knives

    Knife sharpners 2 200x200 The Difference between Honing and Sharpening knives
    Key Points: Honing Knives: Maintains the knifes edge, and ensures a straight blade by polishing rough surfaces. This is done using a honing rod or honing steel. This should be done regularly, even before every use. Sharpening Knives: Sharpening is when you remove small amounts of steel to achieve a thinner and sharper knife blade [...] Read More
  • Gold Cutlery – Everything you need to know

    gold cutlery 2 200x200 Gold Cutlery   Everything you need to know
    Our love for gold cutlery is one that will not fade over time, it adds the finishing touch to a table setting bringing with it a feeling of luxury that cannot be replicated with stainless steel cutlery. Adding a lustrous shine to your table, gold cutlery has long been a sought after tableware element that [...] Read More
  • How To Care And Clean Your Wooden Knife Block

    If you are interested in purchasing quality kitchen knives, you will have to consider the ways and means by which you will store them. If you store them in a drawer they will become dull. Asides from this, it can also damage the blades. Using a wooden knife block such as the one from Global […]

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  • How to make your Table Setting look Luxurious

    how to make your table sett 200x200 How to make your Table Setting look Luxurious
    Key Points: How to Make a Luxurious Table Setting Add your best cutlery - stainless steel / gold / Silver Add table linen - Tablecloths and napkins Beautiful Glassware Dinnerware with a metallic trim or contemporary white tableware Don't forget the extras Whether you are hosting an intimate affair or entertaining a larger group of [...] Read More
  • Fast Five – Chefs Knife

    Copy of Copy of Copy of Fri 200x200 Fast Five   Chefs Knife
    A chef's Knife is like an extension of a chef's hand, as it is generally the most used item in the kitchen during food preparation. A chefs knife is also known as a cooks knife and is characterized by it's long wide blade generally at least 20cm long and about 3.8cm in width with a [...] Read More
  • The difference between stoneware, porcelain and bone china tableware

    stoneware bone chaina porce 200x200 The difference between stoneware, porcelain and bone china tableware
    The difference between stoneware, porcelain and bone china tableware You can get tableware in a range of different styles and designs, but it usually falls into one of three main types. These are stoneware, porcelain and bone china. Each has different properties, so is usually used in different settings – everyday use, when you have [...] Read More
  • How to care for your Kitchen Knife

    how to care for your kitche 200x200 How to care for your Kitchen Knife
    Key Points: How to Care for your Kitchen Knife Hand Wash Your Knives Dry thoroughlky to prevent rust, pitting and stains Store in a knife block or knife rack to keep them from being knocked about Hone regularly to realign the blade Use a timber or plastic chopping board - not glass or stone Sharpen [...] Read More
  • 5 Ways to use a Wok

    Table Inspiration  Forever Sleek 200x200 5 Ways to use a Wok
    Its probably quite embarrassing to admit, but it wasn't until recently that I used a wok. For the very first time. A recipe that I just had to perfect insisted that a wok was necessary so I obliged and brought home a wok from the Tableking warehouse. This recipe is now a firm favourite in our household, [...] Read More
  • Top Five: Roasting Dish

    Rasting Dishes 21 200x200 Top Five: Roasting Dish
    The Search for the ultimate roasting dish - or roaster stops here as we show you our top 5 roasting dishes, each with their own features that set them apart from the rest. Roasting dishes are generally used cook roast meats like a leg of lamb, a pork shoulder and an entire chicken. They are [...] Read More
  • Cookware You Should Invest In

    cookware 200x200 Cookware You Should Invest In
    Key Points: Cookware to Spend On Frypan Saute Pan Roasting Dish Medium Stock Pot Small Saucepan The saying goes a chef is only as good as his tools. When budgeting to outfit your kitchen with cookware, knives and appliances and crockery for the first time it can be an expensive exercise so it is important [...] Read More
  • How to Choose a Frypan

    how to choose a frypan 200x200 How to Choose a Frypan
    Key Points: How to Choose a Fry pan Easy to clean or non stick is best Tri-ply base for even heat distribution and retention Does it suit your cooktop? Well weighted heavy base Budget - invest in a quality frypan to save money long term If you are reading this article the you most likely [...] Read More
  • Fast Five – Kitchen Scales

    Kitchen scales 200x200 Fast Five   Kitchen Scales
    Some recipes allow you you to wing it, and place a little less or more of an ingredient while others, especially when baking cakes and treats it can be essential to get ingredients perfectly exact. This short list of kitchen scales includes traditional style mechanical scales, digital scales and the very popular aquatronic scales. Each [...] Read More
  • Choosing Kitchen Scales

    Choose kitchen scales 200x200 Choosing Kitchen Scales
    Whether you are an enthusiastic home chef or a reluctant cook, a set of kitchen scales are an essential tool for your kitchen. When browsing for scales you find that the market is vast with scales available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colours each with its own competing features that make choosing [...] Read More
  • Are German Knives the best?

    german knives 200x200 Are German Knives the best?

    German Knives are synonymous with quality, but what makes them the leaders in kitchen knives? If you are currently searching for a new knife or looking to replace an entire knife set it is likely that you are swimming through a sea of information of knife features, knife quality and of course knife sales in […]

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  • Purchase An Excellent Knife Block Set

    There are many people who are not interested in spending money on a good knife set. They come to the market every few years in order to restore their dull looking knives. Despite the fact that these sets of kitchen cutlery are a costly item as many of these sets which you can purchase from […]

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  • Knife Blocks Are Convenient As They Save Space

    One question which you can ask yourself is as to “What is the purpose of having a knife block? I already have many knives in my drawer.” You have two simple reasons. You can free up the space in your drawer for something else. Asides from this you can also easily access your knives. What […]

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  • How to Use Your Chef Knives Properly

    For quite some time the professional chef knife has become exceedingly popular. Having viewed many websites it has substantiated the growing popularity and demand for these knives. The care and handling chef knives is very much different when compared to handling and caring of other products. It is obvious, that the knife industry sells these […]

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  • Fast Five – Chopping Boards

    Five Best Chopping Boards 200x200 Fast Five   Chopping Boards
    A chopping board is one of the kitchens most used kitchen tool, so it is important to find the right one for you. Many kitchens have more than one chopping board using only to specific board to cut items such as red, meat, chicken, vegetables and cheese. Whilst other kitchens prefer a board to suit [...] Read More
  • Top Five Placemats

    Placemats 200x200 Top Five Placemats
    Placemats allow you to quickly update the look of your dining table. These top 5 placemats range in their colour and style from relaxed coastal style, cool trendy marble to a more formal look. The placemats are all cork-backed to protect your table from stains and heat marks, while the durable surface is easy to [...] Read More
  • Fast Five – Drink Dispensers

    DRINK DISPENSERS 200x200 Fast Five   Drink Dispensers
    Our Top Five Drink Dispensers make entertaining guests so easy. The one thing that guests are guaranteed to wants seconds of is a cool beverage - especially on a warm day. A beverage dispenser allows your guests to serve themselves, always keeping them feeling refreshed and at home, exactly how you want them to feel. [...] Read More
  • Top Eight – Christmas Dinnerware

    Christmas Dinnerware4 200x200 Top Eight   Christmas Dinnerware
    We're bending the rules today, what is normally our Fast Five has grown to Eight to accommodate our top selling dinnerware ranges used for Christmas Lunch or Dinner. These dinner sets and tableware pieces work with your Christmas holiday theming. Choose from beautiful pieces that feature a Christmas decorative design or tableware that can be [...] Read More
  • Nordic Christmas Table

    nordic thumb 200x200 Nordic Christmas Table
    The Nordic Styled Christmas Table suits the an Australian Christmas to a tee! If you focus on whites, and gentle metallics you too can achieve a chic table setting and dining area just like this one. To set your metalic tableware and accessories off add some twinkling lights, greenery and beautiful glassware. Denby Lucille Gold [...] Read More
  • Shimmering Christmas Table

    Shimering Table 200x200 Shimmering Christmas Table
    ∈ Let your Christmas table come to life with the help of a little shimmer, and a lot of metallic additions. Keeping the colour palette simple, we have created a beautiful Christmas table that looks formal and elegant, yet when all the food has been eaten, and all the crackers popped you can sit back [...] Read More
  • Fast Five – Gold Cutlery

    Five Gold Cutlery Sets 200x200 Fast Five   Gold Cutlery
    Gold Cutlery demands attention, instantly attracting the eye of guests. These Five Gold Cutlery sets add a layer of luxury to your table, turning an ordinary table setting into a table set for a formal occasion. Use these cutler sets in conjunction with formal gold trimmed dinner sets, or white bone china for added effect. [...] Read More
  • How to Host the Perfect Christmas Dinner

    christmas table 200x200 How to Host the Perfect Christmas Dinner

    The holidays are here again. There are gifts to buy, cards to mail, and of course, dinners to host! Having people over for one of the biggest meals of the year can be a stressful ordeal. Not just the food has to be great – everything from the decorations to the tablecloth needs to be […]

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  • Christmas Sparkle – Table Inspiration

    Christmas Sparkle 200x200 Christmas Sparkle   Table Inspiration
    Excitement levels in our office and warehouse are mounting as it nears closer and closer to Christmas day. There is much discussion of how we will be decorating the table for Christmas lunch or dinner, and what colour themes we will be using in our house for decorating this year. Right now we are loving [...] Read More
  • 5 Uses for a Paring Knife

    Paring Knives 5 uses 200x200 5 Uses for a Paring Knife
    Paring Knives are small, yet mighty undertaking jobs that larger knives are unable to easily complete. A paring knife is generally has a blade that is up to 9cm long allowing for increased maneuverability and precision. The blades are generally flat, and often used without a chopping board, instead cutting while holding the item. 5 [...] Read More
  • Fast Five – Christmas Wreaths

    Christmas Wreaths 200x200 Fast Five   Christmas Wreaths
    Christmas Wreaths are arguably one of the most important Christmas decorations, greeting you at the door with their festive flair. The Christmas wreath is traditionally green and circular, made of leaves and possibly holly representing growth and everlasting life. Nowadays the Christmas wreath is available to suit your interior decor and come in a wide [...] Read More
  • 11 Must Have Accessories for a Summer Barbecue

    bbq must haves 200x200 11 Must Have Accessories for a Summer Barbecue

    It’s that time of year again. A time for heat, sun, and having fun outdoors. It also means it’s time to eat outdoors! One of the great pleasures of summer is having your family and best mates over for a barbecue. This year, make sure your barbecue party is memorable with these must have summer […]

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  • Friday Fast Five- Whiskey Glasses

    fast five whiskey glasses 200x200 Friday Fast Five  Whiskey Glasses
    Traditionally the Double Old Fashioned Glass was used to serve cocktails - namely the old fashioned cocktail, whilst using a smaller glass known as the Old Fashioned Glass to serve a straight whiskey on the rocks. These days most people use the Double Old Fashioned glass (DOF) to serve whiskey as well as any other [...] Read More
  • Friday Fast Five – Tablecloths

    Fast Five tablecloths 2 200x200 Friday Fast Five   Tablecloths
    One of the fastest ways to give your table a quick refresh is by adding a new tablecloth. These five tablecloths are are all affordable, high quality and add a layer of texture to your table. Use the gold printed tablecloth indoors or out to create either a formal table setting or use to create [...] Read More
  • Friday Fast Five – Stovetop Kettles

    kettles 200x200 Friday Fast Five   Stovetop Kettles
    Our top 5 Stovetop kettles are varied for their colours and styles, yet share a common theme  - traditional charm. There is a beautiful ritual that is taken place when putting the kettle on the stove, and waiting for the whistle to let you know when your water has boiled. These stovetop kettles blend old [...] Read More
  • Table Inspiration – Country Dreaming

    Country dreaming thumb 200x200 Table Inspiration   Country Dreaming
    Country Dreaming brings you pared back country style that is laid back and honest. Everything on this table genuine, no faux gold plating or pretentious tableware, all these elements are simple and relaxed. You don't have to live in the country to appreciate these hard-working durable tableware pieces. Of course the icing on the cake [...] Read More
  • Friday Fast Five – Coffee Mugs

    Friday Fast Five coffe mugs 200x200 Friday Fast Five   Coffee Mugs
    Today's Fast Five pays homage to our favourite beverage - Coffee! We have selected an array of coffee mugs to suit many styles, we have even thrown in a Kate Spade NY thermal travel mug for those that drink on the run. So how do you have your coffee? This Denby Malmo Bloom Coffee Mug [...] Read More
  • Table Inspiration: Bondi Sands

    bondi sands thumb2 200x200 Table Inspiration: Bondi Sands
    Bondi represents a quintessential Australia Summer that is envied by people around the world. Bondi style is a mish-mash of cultures and characters when combined bring a relaxed atmosphere where anything goes. Our table style can be used for any occassion - from enjoying a pizza to entertaining with a kale salad. The Gordon Ramsay [...] Read More
  • Friday Fast Five – Orange

    orange blog 200x200 Friday Fast Five   Orange
    We thought we should nominate Orange for our fast five, considering Halloween is merely a few weeks away. The colour orange can often get itself a bad reputation, the key to using orange is to do it in moderation. Using an orange dinnerset? mix in some crisp white linen or purple glassware. Do you like [...] Read More
  • How to Pair the Right Drink with the Right Glass

    shutterstock 251508412 200x200 How to Pair the Right Drink with the Right Glass

    There’s so much to think about when hosting a drinks or dinner party – food, flowers, theme, tableware and seating plans, and not to mention the dress code. It’s easy with all this madness to overlook the number one essential for any social gathering: the glasses from which your guests will drink their beverages. Whatever […]

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