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  • Gifts for Him under $100

    Christmas gifts for him under $100
    Finding a gift they will love can be hard, even more so when you are on a budget. However, our Christmas Gift Guides make it easy to find one that will be used and treasured. Christmas gifts for Him under $100 is a special collection that the man in your life will love Christmas Gifts [...] Read More
  • Red and Green Christmas Tableware 2018

    Red and Green Christmas Tableware 2018
    In Australia, Christmas goes beyond a single day of celebration. From about November, everyone seems to clear their schedules for family catch-ups, long warm afternoons with friends, neighbourhood parties and of course the work Christmas party. Without a doubt, Christmas gatherings mostly take place around the dining table. Sharing food, drinks and laughs is like [...] Read More
  • What Are Whiskey Stones?

    What are whiskey stones?
    Whiskey stones have been touted as the best stocking stuffer, Kris Kringle Gift and Fathers Day gift on the market. But what are Whiskey Stones? and are they a gift that Dad will actually love? Quality whiskey stones can vary in material. Some are made from composite material, Other higher end brands can be made [...] Read More
  • Which Salt and Pepper Grinder is Best?

    Which Salt and Pepper Grinder is Best?

    With so many salt and pepper mills on the market, it can be difficult to work out exactly which to choose from. The trick is to choose your grinder from a reputable brand which uses a ceramic mechanism or one made from hardened steel One testament of quality came recently when we received a phone […]

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  • What is Nordic Style Dining?

    What is nordic style dining?

    If you have an appreciation of minimalist style, neutral colours and quality furniture pieces that have a mid-century appearance then without even knowing you, you could be a part f the Nordic Style fan club. In recent year Scandinavian style dining has become hugely popular in Australian homes. With a focus on minimalism, white one […]

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  • Do you need a wok?

    Do I need a wok?
    About to start a recipe, and realise you do not own the wok it wants you to cook with? So, you quickly Google, do I need a Wok to cook a stir-fry? The answer is no, go ahead and use your large frying pan to cook the stir-fry. But here's a tip, Wok's are awesome [...] Read More
  • Which Frypans do Chefs Use?

      A chefs frypan is their most commonly used cookware tool. It is rarely off the heat, used for a variety of dishes from sizzle steak to frying eggs. It may come as a surprise that in a professional kitchen, a non stick frypan would be a rare find. This is because they require a […]

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  • Top 5 Noritake Dinner Sets

    top 5 noritake dinner sets
    Noritake has been one of our top selling dinnerware brands for over 15 years. It's not hard to see why, the timeless designs coupled with quality material make Noritake dinnerware a highly desirable item for your table. In times past, Noritake dinner set ranges were for formally dining occasions. Today, the collections are more fluid [...] Read More
  • How to fix Broken Glass or Crystal Bowl

    How to fix Broken Glass or Crystal Bowl

    During my past life as a China and Porcelain restorer the Question of can you fix a broken glass was a very common one. So hopefully my answer below may help you in your quest of How to fix Broken Glass or Crystal Bowl If it is a drinking glass then the answer is generally no. […]

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  • The Best Blue and White Dinner Sets

    The Best Blue and White Dinner Sets
    Without a doubt blue and white are a winning colour combination for your dining. These classic colours are favoured by coastal decors and Hamptons styled homes. One of the reasons blue and white dinner sets are so popular is because that lend themselves to both casual everyday use and also formal entertaining. In all our years [...] Read More
  • Wooden Chopping Boards Vs Plastic Boards Which is Best?

    Best Chopping Boards
    Did you know that using the wrong type of chopping board can lead to chips in your knife blade? A chopping board that is too hard will very quickly dull or even damage your blade. For this reason, it is best to avoid marble, stone, glass and acrylic boards for cutting foods. Below we discuss [...] Read More
  • Why Use a Bread Knife

    why use a bread knife
    The bread knife is often the most under-used kitchen knife. While it is not often that we have the need to cut a loaf of bread, when we do it is important that the loaf is does not squash to a quarter of its original size in the process. A bread knife is easy to [...] Read More
  • How to use a Roasting Pan with Rack

    How to use a Roasting Pan with Rack

    Cooking meats and vegetables in the oven is so much easier with a Roasting Pan. If you are lucky enough to own a roasting pan with a rack, you will noticed that your roast meats have never tasted to good. Ideally, you would own a baking pan with a rack the benefit of course is that […]

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  • How to choose the right doormat

    How to choose the right doormat

    Doormats are one of the best ways to stop dirt from entering your home. Its so much easier to keep your home clean and tidy if you don’t have to worry about uninvited dirt from being walked into the house. The question is however How to choose the right doormat for your home. Choose the […]

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  • Best Chef’s Knives – Top 4

    Best Chef's Knives - Top 4

    A good Chef’s knife is a loyal companion in the kitchen. Let’s face it, every time you cook you will need a chefs knife. No other knife can perform such a wide range of tasks with ease; it is the ultimate all purpose knife which no kitchen should be without. For this reason, it is […]

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  • Are Forged Knives Better than Stamped Knives?

    Are Forged Knives Better than Stamped Knives?

      In the past how a knife was manufactured determined it’s quality. A knife blade is made using one of two methods; they are either forged or stamped. Forged knives were known to be the more superior knife, however as manufacturing techniques and alloy mixes have improved this is no longer true. We explain below What […]

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  • What is a Knife’s Rockwell Hardness, and does it matter?

    What is a Knife's Rockwell Hardness

    You will quickly learn that not all knives are equal in its construction. This is a great thing, the reason being is that the different ingredients that make a knife blade also give them different qualities. One of these qualities is a Knife’s Rockwell Hardness, also known as HRC Does a Knife’s Hardness Matter? Many […]

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  • The Best Stainless Steel Cutlery Sets – Top 10

    Best Stainless Steel Cutlery Sets

    Whether it is to entertain or its just for the family one thing is for certain, every home needs cutlery. As the staple tableware item used for every dish imaginable, whether you are butter your toast of a morning, or twisting spaghetti onto your fork its undeniable that cutlery plays an important role in your life. […]

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  • Tropical Drink Station Envy

    Tropical Drink Station Envy
    Life is a party, and the key to good party is a great drinks station. Somewhere for your guests to refill, refresh, mingle and play mixologist. The key to building a drink station with sass, is having a theme. We've chosen a tropic plantation theme using rattan textures, luxurious gold touches, warm timbers and plenty [...] Read More
  • What is the Best Cutlery to Buy?

    Bugatti england stainless steel cutlery

    Reality.   Every home needs cutlery.  The Question is What is the best cutlery to buy? So you don’t get confused when browsing online, Flatware and Hollowware are other names used for cutlery. There are three main types of cutlery on the market today. Stainless Steel Cutlery Gold and Silver plated Cutlery Sterling Silver Cutlery […]

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  • Remove Marks on Plates

    Remove Marks on Plates

    We had to write this article as people panic when they have purchased new dinnerware and end up with Grey Marks on their plates.  Removing Marks on Plates and Dishes is simple to fix and prevent. Grey or Silver Marks on Plates and Dishes is a give away in regards to where the marks come […]

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  • 8 Beautiful Serving Bowls for Entertaining

    Beautiful Serving Bowls
    Make a feature statement out of the most boring salad with a new serving bowl. Your green leaf mix will never look so good as when it is dressed in a new bowl. Luckily, there are no rules that say your salad bowl must match your existing tableware. So, choose a bowl that matches your [...] Read More
  • Can you Repair Broken Dinnerware for use?

    Can you Repair Broken Dinnerware for use?
    Before Tableking, I was an internationally recognised China and Porcelain restoration expert. Can you Fix Broken Dinnerware for use? This question was asked frequently by customers desperate to keep their treasured tea set or dinner set intact, after breaking a plate or teacup. There are many factors and variables used in restoration of fine china [...] Read More
  • 5 Salads you must try this Summer

    5 Salads you must try this Summer
    The perfect Summer recipe includes sun, water, fresh salads and a cool drink to wash it down. Once all the Christmas and New Years celebrations have died down our bodies have a craving for healthier fresh foods, that don't require too much time in the kitchen and feel lighter in the tummy. While trying out [...] Read More
  • Christmas Gifts for Him

    CHristmas Gifts for him
    Vinturi Red Wine Aerator Luigi Bormioli Bach Decanter Messermeister Oliva Elite Stealth Chef Knife 20cm Sunnylife Bamboo Rockingham Cutting Board Sagaform Rocking Whiskey Glasses Denby Jet Stripes Large Curve Mugs Ladelle Temper Midnight Dinner Set Sagaform Whiskey Stones Laguiole Jean Dubost Olive Wood Steak knives Read More
  • Win a Scanpan 2pc Cookware Set at Tableking

  • How to Maintain a Timber Chopping Board

    How to Maintain a Timber Chopping Board

    An essential in every kitchen is a good solid Timber Chopping Board.  Knowing how to Maintain Timber a Chopping Board is also essential.  Hygiene in the kitchen is critical in preventing nasties from contaminating your food. So whether you are looking at buying a timber cutting board or replacing the one you have, below is […]

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  • Why you need a Cast Iron Griddle

    Foods to cook on a cast iron grill: Red Meat - Steak, sausages and hamburger patties Chicken - breakst and skewered Vegetables - zucchini, corn, mushrooms, tomatoes and more Cheese: Hard cheeses such as haloumi It's well and truly time you pull your cast iron griddle from the back of your cupboard to discover what [...] Read More
  • Solid Gold Entertaining – Table Inspiration

    Solid Gold Entertaining - Table Inspiration
    Adding a sense of drama to your table when entertaining shows your guests just how much you apreciate their company. The use of luxurious metallics in a dining space tantalizes you and rouses the senses for an evening of enjoyment. However, not all pieces should have a metallic finish. Be sure to choose only a [...] Read More
  • Wedgwood Vera Wang Cutlery Competition

    Vera Wang Cutlery Competition
    Sale! Waechtersbach White Side plate $22.95 $5.00 jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery('div.bottomLine').click(function() { if (jQuery('li.yotpo_widget_tab>a').length) { jQuery('li.yotpo_widget_tab>a').click(); } }) }) Buy Now Sale! Waechtersbach White Teapot 500ml $69.00 $49.00 jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery('div.bottomLine').click(function() { if (jQuery('li.yotpo_widget_tab>a').length) { jQuery('li.yotpo_widget_tab>a').click(); } }) }) Buy Now Sale! Waechtersbach White Tea cup and saucer $25.00 $10.00 jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery('div.bottomLine').click(function() { if (jQuery('li.yotpo_widget_tab>a').length) [...] Read More
  • Types of Cookware Material Explained

    Types of Cookware Material Explained
    The type of material your cookware is made from will determine how it can be used, cleaned and just how much care is needed to maintain it. Our guide below explains the Pros and Cons of each cookware material and how it will best serve you in the kitchen. Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel [...] Read More
  • 5 Little Known Food Processor Tricks

    5 Little Known Food Processor Tricks

    If you’ve just been using your food processor for slicing vegetables and making breadcrumbs then it’s time for you to explore the true potential of your of this powerful machine. If your food processor hiding away in a cupboard, it’s time to brush off the cobwebs and get some use out of this mighty appliance. […]

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  • Our Top Gold Dinner Sets

    Our Top Gold Dinner Sets
    Guests will be convinced of your eye for detail and decadence as soon as the clap eyes on your gold guilding table setting. Never by scared of opulence at the table, bring out your best wares you posses and create the glamorous table you want. If you are looking to purchase a new dinner set [...] Read More
  • Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Cookware

    Pros and cons of stainless steel cookware
    Benefits of Stainless Steel Cookware Durability - Stainless Steel cookware; in particular frypans will last longer than other types of cookware. You will find it is generally resistant to scratches, chip and dents. Easy to clean - whether you you prefer to clean by hand or in the dishwasher, you will not need to worry [...] Read More
  • Slow Cooker Recipes for your next Dinner Party

    Slow Cooker recipes for your next dinner party
    Slow cookers are the handiest appliance to have during the working week; cooking meals during the day so we can come home to a delicious hot meal. And yet, we insist on making time laborious meals when we are having guests over for dinner. The below slow cooker recipes will Wow your guests with their [...] Read More
  • Our Favourite Crystal Glasses

    Our Favourite Crystal glasses
    Crystal glasses have a way of turning a simple table setting into an occasion. Unlike glass, crystal refracts light and brings a sparkle to your drinks. Crystal also offers an unmistakable clarity that cannot be replicated with glass; this enhances the look of your richly coloured wines. The addition of minerals give crystal glass superior [...] Read More
  • Global Knives vs Messermeister Knives

    Global Knives vs Messermeister Knives

    Global and Messermeister knives are both highly desirable knives in the home kitchen and also in the commercial environment. Both feature blades which perform better than most knives on the market. However these vary differently to each other in both how they are made and their handling. We discuss below the manufacturing process they each […]

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  • The Best Stainless Steel Cutlery for Everyday Use

    Beautiful Stainless Steel Cutlery
    Stainless steel cutlery is the perfect choice for everyday use. It is strong, hard-wearing and also easy to maintain. It is designed and made to continue looking good day even with regular use daily. But with so many styles to choose from what are the most popular? We are happy to show you our top [...] Read More
  • Everything you need to know about Stainless Steel Cutlery

    Carrs Bead Cutlery Set 16pc

    What is Stainless Steel Cutlery? Stainless Steel cutlery has been made using a composite of steel, chromium and nickle. These ingredients ensure cutlery is easy to clean, does not corrode easily and most importantly, is durable. These days, most cutlery is made from Stainless Steel with varying amounts of chromium and nickle; this is represented […]

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  • Slow Cookers Vs Dutch Ovens

    Winter Cooking - Let's Take it Slow
    As it cools down, we crave warm comforting food that fills our bellies and provides an emotional security blanket. In the winter months, there is nothing better than a delicious meal of tender meat that falls right of the bone and melts in the mouth; or a hearty soup with flavours that have been developed [...] Read More
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