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  • Types of Tableware Plates

    types of tableware plates explained
    Be sure of this, there is a dining plate for just about every type of meal. Below we discuss the type of plates, their sizes and also their uses. Dinner Plate The Dinner plate is the most common plate, ideal for main meals and even breakfast. The average dinner plate size is 26cm - 28cm. [...] Read More
  • Placemat Buying Guide

    placemat buying guide. What is the best placemat
    If you own a timber table or a dining table that you value, it's important to use a placemat to protect its surface. There are a variety of different placemats to choose from including cork or cork-back placemats, fabric placemats, beaded placemats and also woven vinyl placemats. Best Placemats for protecting your table If you [...] Read More
  • What is Nordic Style Dining?

    What is nordic style dining?

    If you have an appreciation of minimalist style, neutral colours and quality furniture pieces that have a mid-century appearance then without even knowing you, you could be a part f the Nordic Style fan club. In recent year Scandinavian style dining has become hugely popular in Australian homes. With a focus on minimalism, white one […]

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  • Top 5 Noritake Dinner Sets

    top 5 noritake dinner sets
    Noritake has been one of our top selling dinnerware brands for over 15 years. It's not hard to see why, the timeless designs coupled with quality material make Noritake dinnerware a highly desirable item for your table. In times past, Noritake dinner set ranges were for formally dining occasions. Today, the collections are more fluid [...] Read More
  • The Best Blue and White Dinner Sets

    The Best Blue and White Dinner Sets
    Without a doubt blue and white are a winning colour combination for your dining. These classic colours are favoured by coastal decors and Hamptons styled homes. One of the reasons blue and white dinner sets are so popular is because that lend themselves to both casual everyday use and also formal entertaining. In all our years [...] Read More
  • Remove Marks on Plates

    Remove Marks on Plates

    We had to write this article as people panic when they have purchased new dinnerware and end up with Grey Marks on their plates.  Removing Marks on Plates and Dishes is simple to fix and prevent. Grey or Silver Marks on Plates and Dishes is a give away in regards to where the marks come […]

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  • 8 Beautiful Serving Bowls for Entertaining

    Beautiful Serving Bowls
    Make a feature statement out of the most boring salad with a new serving bowl. Your green leaf mix will never look so good as when it is dressed in a new bowl. Luckily, there are no rules that say your salad bowl must match your existing tableware. So, choose a bowl that matches your [...] Read More
  • Can you Repair Broken Dinnerware for use?

    Can you Repair Broken Dinnerware for use?
    Before Tableking, I was an internationally recognised China and Porcelain restoration expert. Can you Fix Broken Dinnerware for use? This question was asked frequently by customers desperate to keep their treasured tea set or dinner set intact, after breaking a plate or teacup. There are many factors and variables used in restoration of fine china [...] Read More
  • Our Top Gold Dinner Sets

    Our Top Gold Dinner Sets
    Guests will be convinced of your eye for detail and decadence as soon as the clap eyes on your gold guilding table setting. Never by scared of opulence at the table, bring out your best wares you posses and create the glamorous table you want. If you are looking to purchase a new dinner set [...] Read More
  • What’s Your Style of Coffee Mug?

    What's Your Style of Coffee Mug?
    Now, this may come across as odd, but regardless of the wide range of items we sell at Tableking, I always seem to gravitate towards coffee mugs. New coffee mugs always pique my interest. They are something I have to hold, feel and examine. I seem to be most attracted to mugs with a shade [...] Read More
  • Do Royal Doulton Dinner Sets contain Lead?

    Do royal doultoon dinner sets contain lead?

    Royal Doulton ceramic products including dinner sets, serving pieces and also bakeware undergo stringent quality and safety tests. All pieces meet the Heavy Metals legislative requirements and are compliant with all national and international for the release of heavy metals including:  Food contact surfaces – covered by: USA – FDA Compliance Guides.  The Safe Drinking […]

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  • Which Dinner Set Should I Choose For Everyday Use?

    Which Dinner Set Should I Choose For Everyday Use

    Choosing a dinner set for everyday use comes with more choice than most would realise. Using a dinner set every day, it needs to be oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. As well as this, you will need to consider material, style and brand before you select your new dinnerware. With this in mind, here are […]

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  • How to make your Table Setting look Luxurious

    Key Points: How to Make a Luxurious Table Setting Add your best cutlery - stainless steel / gold / Silver Add table linen - Tablecloths and napkins Beautiful Glassware Dinnerware with a metallic trim or contemporary white tableware Don't forget the extras Whether you are hosting an intimate affair or entertaining a larger group of [...] Read More
  • Difference between Stoneware, Porcelain and Bone china tableware

    Difference between Stoneware, Porcelain and Bone china tableware
    When shopping for Dinner Sets or Tableware there are a number of options. You can get tableware in a range of different styles and designs, but it usually falls into one of three main types. These are stoneware, porcelain and bone china. Each has different properties, so is usually used in different settings – everyday use, [...] Read More
  • Top Eight – Christmas Dinnerware

    Top Eight christmas Dinnerware
    We're bending the rules today, what is normally our Fast Five has grown to Eight to accommodate our top selling dinnerware ranges used for Christmas Lunch or Dinner. These dinner sets and tableware pieces work with your Christmas holiday theming. Choose from beautiful pieces that feature a Christmas decorative design or tableware that can be [...] Read More
  • How to Set a Formal, Casual, and Buffet Table

    Entertaining at home is one of life’s greatest pleasures; a wonderful opportunity to bring family and friends together over delicious food and drinks. Anticipation is all part of the fun, so it’s worth indulging in some planning well in advance: What atmosphere do you want to create – formal or casual? Do you want to […]

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