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Global Knives vs Messermeister Knives

Global and Messermeister knives are both highly desirable knives in the home kitchen and also in the commercial environment. Both feature blades which perform better than most knives on the market. However these vary differently to each other in both how they are made and their handling. We discuss below the manufacturing process they each go through, their different blades, their handles and lastly, the maintenance required.

Note: To make a more fair comparision we have used a Global Classic Cooks Knife 20cm with a Messermeister Oliva Elite Stealth Chef Knife 20cm

Global Cooks Knife anatomy


Messermeister Oliva Chefs Knife Anatomy

How are the Knives made?

Messermeister knives: Feature hammer forged blade; the single piece blade, bolster and tang gives increased durability. The use of a single billet of German 1.4116 stainless carbon alloy makes for an overall stronger knife, with the abilty to resist most minor falls. This is a traditional German method of knife making; here the hammer forging further strengthens the steel by aligning the molecules. rockwell of 57-58.

Global Classic Knives: Made using a stamped process from a sheet of stainless steel which is impregnated with Globals patented Cromova 18 Sanso material.  The handle is then added and the knives are super heated and then ice tempered to create a durable blade. The stamped manufacturing method creates a thinner blade that is more flexible, allowing for further precision when preparing food. Rockwell of 56-58

What about the handles?

The Messermeister handle is made from a single piece of forged stainless steel, fully contoured for comfort and handling. The beautiful Olivewood perfect if a stainless steel handle is not for you. This timber handle offers superb ergonomic design and balance. Furthermore, Has a more substantial weight when compared to a Global Knife

Global Handles: Global knives are especially light, this is thanks to in part to the hollow handles, making them comfortable and easy to use. To achieve this two pieces of stainless steel are fused together. The hollow handle is filled with just the right amount of sand to achieve an ergonomic balance. The distinctive looking handles have a black dimple appearance, which is seamless to eliminate any food or dirt traps.

And the blades?

This Messermeister blade has a uniquly thinner profile than most typical forged knives. This thinner profile allows for further precison when cutting, yet still has the strength where you need it  The blade offers a polished convex 15 degree cutting edge with a thinly ground spear point. Here, the edge is hand stropped on a cloth wheel for an incredibly sharp edge. The Tapered Boltersless heel allows for the entire blade to be used, and furthermore simplifying honing and sharpening.

Global Blade: Holds the blade edge nicely. The blade is ground on both sides at a steep angle between 10 and 15 degrees; this uniquely narrower angle keeps the blade edge sharper for longer and allows for high presicion work. For those wanting the finer details: Rather than a straight edge, the blade has a convex cross-sectional shape or gradual curve; making cutting tasks easier. Like the Messermeister knife, there is no bolster.

Knife Maintenance:

Both knives follow similar Knife care guidelines. These include: Clean and dry immediately after use, Hand washing is recommended and regular honing and periosic sharpening of the blade.

Messermeister: The Blade should be honed at a 15° angle on a fine cut or polished steel regularly to ensure proper alignment. When the knife is no longer sharp, it is recommended to sharpen the blade using a water stone. To maintain the wood handles, oil the olive wood regularly with a food safe oil such as coconut oil.

Global: Again, the blades need to be honed regularly to relaign the edges before use using the Global fine ceramic or diamond rod. To sharpen it is recommened to use either their Global minosharp ceramic sharpener or alternatively a waterstone depending on level of experience


Both Messermeister and Global knives are guaranteed for life against any defencts in workmanship.

In Conclusion:

Conclusion: Both knives cut exceptionall well; with ergonomic handles which make use an absolute pleasure. The Messermeister Oliva Chef knife is a classy knife that will be enjoyed for generations and the Global Chefs Knife design is perfect for the contemporary kitchen. The choice between the two comes down to personal preference.


Global Knives vs Messermeister Knives

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