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How to fix Broken Glass or Crystal Bowl

During my past life as a China and Porcelain restorer the Question of can you fix a broken glass was a very common one. So hopefully my answer below may help you in your quest of How to fix Broken Glass or Crystal Bowl

If it is a drinking glass then the answer is generally no. However for the purpose of a display Glass or Crystal Bowl, or where the foot has cleanly snapped of your favourite crystal bowl or vase, then there are workable solutions.

So let’s go through this step by step.

  1. Is the item you are restoring display only? This is important. If you are looking to restore a broken drinking glass or cracked crystal vase, save your time, forget about store adhesives and bin it.
  2. Is the item you are about to repair missing any sections? If so it would take hands on teaching for me to train you in rebuilding missing bits.
  3. What this How to Guide is for is in the instance where you have a broken piece out of Crystal Bowl, or something where the piece fits neatly.

Ok so lets begin.

The below techniques are for Clear Glass and Crystal. It is not for Coloured Glass, Milk Glass or Carnival Glass.

Step 1: Is it clean?

This is a critical step in How to fix Broken Glass or Crystal Bowl. If the Broken item you wish to fix is dirty then this will adversely affect the adhesion of the glue. Also if you have old glue on the joint then you shall have to remove that first. The best way of removing the old glue is trying to identify the glue first. There are two main glues which could have been used and neither are ideal.

The first one is Super Glue. The best way of removing Super Glue from Glass is brush a little Paint Stripper on the glue. Wait for 15 seconds and then immerse into almost boiling water in a bucket. Do not use boiling water as this may crack the glass further. Always use a suitable Breathing Mask when using this technique as the fumes are not good for you. The hot water and paint stripper helps make the Super Glue brittle so it can be scrapped off carefully using a razor blade scalpel. Do not use a Razor Blade without a Scalpel as this could lead to injury.

The second adhesive generally used is Epoxy Glues. Epoxy adhesive over time can yellow and discolour. This leaves the join looking very ordinary. To remove the epoxy use the exact same method as you would with Super Glue above. Epoxy is more stubborn and so may require several goes.

Ok, so after using a magnifying glass to inspect there is no more adhesive on the surface we can now look at putting the Broken Piece back into place.

Step 2: Check the fitting

The next step in How to fix Broken Glass or Crystal Bowl after cleaning is check it fits.  The Broken Piece should fit back in neatly without needing to jam it. Sometimes a simple broken piece may be a challenge as it could have broken in a way that only fits in a particular way. You will need to know the way it fits in before starting the next step.

Step 3: Use UV Cured Adhesive.

So before embarking down this track you shall have to do two things. One purchase the adhesive below. Secondly wait until you have a beautiful Hot, Sunny Day or a Special UV Lamp.

I used to have a preference of using Loctite Brand Impruv Ultraviolet Adhesive also known as Loctite UV349

Apply a line of adhesive on one side of the area to be joined. If it is a foot off a broken vase or bowl then you would apply the adhesive to one side and evenly spread it so it covers the entire surface.

Now take the bowl or Vase as well as the broken piece out to the Sun. Put the piece in Position and push until you can see the join is almost invisible. Now hold very still for up to 20 seconds.

If everything has worked and you don’t have shaky hands then you will have an almost invisible join and a tough repair.

Step 4. Cleaning Up the Join

With your Razor Scalpel, simply trim off any adhesive which has pushed out from the join. Wipe with a Glass Cleaning Cloth or some windex and you should have a beautiful neat join and a bowl that is ready for another day of display.

I hope you have success and this helps you solve the mystery of How to fix Broken Glass or Crystal Bowl.

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How to fix Broken Glass or Crystal Bowl

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