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How to Identify Genuine Laguiole Cutlery

Genuine Laguiole Cutlery

Genuine French Laguiole cutlery is a style which has been celebrated at Tables around the world. With elegant coloured handles, polished stainless steel and also the bee symbol. It is easy to think without Question it is made in France. However, in recent years, Asian Imitations have entered the market. They are almost replicating the famous French style. But not only do they look French to the untrained eye, but the packaging and brand names also make them look and sound French. Here is How to Identify Genuine Laguiole Cutlery Made in France.

As popularity for Genuine French Handmade Laguiole cutlery grew, Chinese manufacturers took advantage of this. China began producing a ‘copied’ product while marketing the cutlery as “Laguiole’. There are retailers in Australia that are selling Chinese ‘Laguiole’. Don’t be fooled and pay top dollar for a Chinese Knockoff. They do not specify the country of origin online. Retailers are selling Chinese Laguiole look cutlery. These retailers sell it at the same price as the genuine French product.  Here is how to protect yourself and your hard earned dollar from being duped.

How to be certain it is Genuine French Laguiole Cutlery:

  1. Genuine Laguiole cutlery is Made in France. A genuine Laguiole cutlery item has the words Made in France etched into the products. E.g. You should be able to see it clearly on your knives that they are Made in France. Chinese products shall not have this.
  2. Genuine French products shall have a country of origin marked on their authenticity certificate and/or box — example – Made in France or Made in Theirs etc.
  3. It is important to note if the product does not have any country of origin then you should ask first before making your purchase.
  4. Look in the packaging at an individual Knife to see if France is on the blade.
  5. Some retailers will even tell you it is French even though it is not. Check yourself as advised above or ask them to show you the Authenticity Certificate. If the Certificate does not say Made in France then it is not made in France period.

Marketing tactics to lead you to believe it is Genuine French Laguiole:

  • A big French flag on the box – this does not mean Made in France.
  • A certificate of authenticity directing you to a website ending in www.**********.fr – this does not mean the product is Made in France
  • A brand name which sounds French – this does not mean the brand is of French origin or made in France
  • If a retail website says ‘World renowned French cutlery’ it also does not mean it is Made in France.
  • If a website talks about the history of French cutlery production it also does not mean it is Made in France.
  • Keep this in mind. The French companies are proud to show they are French. They write it on their blades as well as their Authenticity Certificates.

Identifying French Laguiole Summary

At the end of the day, these tactics while deplorable are being used to get your sale. So to summarise. If it doesn’t say Made in France on the Blade or also, Made in France on the labels, then you should assume it is also NOT MADE IN FRANCE.
We have heard plenty of stories of disappointment. Please be a wise, informed shopper. Tableking did report several companies to the ACCC. However, they ignored out concerns stating that the number of people affected does not warrant their attention. We fail to see how this fills their charter to protect the Australian Consumer. If the ACCC would do their job to protect you the consumer from deception techniques we wouldn’t have to. If you feel you have been sold a product deceptively contact the ACCC.

About Jean Dubost Laguiole

As far as the French go there is only one real brand of Laguiole cutlery. Genuine Jean Dubost.  It is the brand others copy from.  It is the 100% French company who first exported Laguiole cutlery outside Europe decades ago. They put Laguiole on the World Stage. Jean Dubost also has many imitators. None, however, come close to the beauty, finish, material or bespoke design.  If you are shopping for the very best in Genuine French Laguiole then Jean Dubost cutlery is the name you should consider.  The Laguiole Jean Dubost Lighthorn cutlery set is amongst Jean Dubost most favoured designs.  It suits most homes both traditional through to contemporary and always presents a look of sheer luxe.

How to Identify Genuine Laguiole Cutlery

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