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Fry Pan

A frypan is a cookware essential for all kitchens. Choose wisely and you can expect to get many years of daily use from a quality frypan. The best frypans are available from leading brands such as Scanpan, Profiline and Chasseur.

Our selection of non-stick frypans are durable and hardwearing; making cleanups a breeze. For induction cooktops look for induction suitable frypans.

What Type of Frypan is Best?

Purchasing cookware is often an investment that will reap its rewards in the kitchen. In Australia the cookware market is huge, and it can often be difficult to choose which frypan will ultimately best meet your needs. The following suggestions below are simple things to consider when purchasing your next frypan. Rate each point to its importance to help you find a pan that will bring out your best in the kitchen

  • Size  – Also consider how large is your cook plate.
  • Material – Frypans are available in cast iron, aluminium, steel and more. Remember, Cast iron is considerably heavier than other materials
  • Induction – If you have an induction cooktop your cookware will need to be compatible otherwise it will not work
  • Non-Stick – If non-stick qualities are important to you, try and buy the best non-stick pan you can afford – preferably without any nasty chemicals.
  • Oven Safe – Many home chefs will give their steaks a quick brown on the stove and then put their frypan into the oven to finish off.
  • Dishwasher Clean Up – Is fast and easy cleaning important to you?
  • Quality  – This will come down to the build of the pan. Take into account the base, the handles and the brand
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