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Pressure Cooker

A Pressure Cooker will save you time in the kitchen. Did you know with a Pressure Cooker, meals that traditionally take up to 8 hours to cook can also be cooked in as little as 35 minutes. As well as speed, the results are tender and flavoursome. Choose a Pressure Cooker that can be used on the stove or we also have a great range of smart, electronic Pressure Cooker that a packed with programmable features. All have multiple safety features for easy, safe as well as super fast cooking

Why Use a Pressure cooker?

Pressure cooking takes the stress out of getting dinner to the table on time. This method of cooking will have you preparing homemade meals, stocks, risotto and casseroles in only a fraction of the time of traditional cooking methods using a slow cooker, or in a dutch oven slowly cooking.

The main reason you will use a pressure cooker is save time cooking, however there are other benefits such as preserving all the nutrients and vitamins within the pot as nothing is lost during evaporation. A pressure cooker can also be a wonderful example of one-pot cooking saving you time

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