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Roasting Pan

Be Honest, unless you’re vegetarian, who doesn’t love a juicy Roast Meal. The best way to cook a Roast is in a Roasting Pan. We have a Huge Range of the Very Best in Pans and Roasting Dishes for you to make you next Roast a hit. From Stainless Steel, Copper, Cast Iron and Ceramic. A Roasting Dish is generally a long and wide rectangular pan. Its width and length allow you to Oven Cook a Roast. Solid and Reliable they are a must have in the Kitchen. Depending on the size of the Dish there’ll also be room for some Herbed Vegetables to cook alongside. And don’t forget to use the Pan Juices to make a hearty Roast Gravy.

× Profiline Series II Stock Pot 5L Profiline Series II Stock Pot 5L 22cm
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