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Looking for a new Saucepan or Saucepan set? Shop for a quality saucepan and you will get years of daily use, and it will wash up just like new.

For induction cooktops, look for saucepans which are suitable. These ranges include the Pyrolux Pyrosteel Cookware, Scanpan Coppernox, and Scanpan Impact Cookware 

Things to consider when purchasing a Saucepan

The main consideration when purchasing a new pan is what size do you require. Not much good buying a large pan to warm a little milk. Then what do you want your pan to made from stainless steel, non-stick, cast iron the list goes on.

Stainless steel is quite often the go-to for most people, it will last a long time. Also requires minimal care to keep its cooking surface looking good. Proven to be a safe option for all types of cooking. To care for your stainless steel cookware never scour it, if you burn on food then soak overnight, add a bit of bicarbonate to the water and boil, let it cool and wipe clean. If the food is still present, repeat the process. Do not you use a heavy scourer  you will put fine grooves into the body of the pan and food stuffs will enter these grooves and discolour the pan, you won’t notice it at first, but over the months it will become evident.

If picking Cast Iron, it is essential that you never scour your pans, to keep them looking good treat the same as stainless steel. Care must be taken to ensure that you do not chip the surface enamel as it will detract from the appearance of your cookware.

For Non-stick pans always ensure that you purchase a good non-stick surface which is free from PTFOA and TFA. Always be gentle when cleaning the surface, a quick wipe over with a paper towel should be sufficient to clean.

To keep all types of cookware safe only use a liquid cleaner in your dishwasher.

Finally, always but the very best cookware you can afford and they should give you years of good service.


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