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Hagerty Silver Cleaning Range

Protect your investment of not only Silver Plated and Sterling Silver Cutlery, as well as Gold and Gold Plated Jewellery by using Hagerty Silver Cleaning Range.  Internationally recognised as the best Gold and Silver cleaning system in the world.

Don’t save that silver cutlery for special occasions. When using this cleaning system, it is very simple to keep your silver in tip-top condition. Firstly take the Silver Foam, wet the sponge provided and rub the silver. Shortly the dark tarnish will vanish before your eyes. Rinse in warm water and dry with a soft cloth. For those special formal silver cutlery sets store in a cutlery roll. You will not need to clean silver between uses. Using a few simple steps can make silverware a pleasure to use and a joy to keep clean.

We stock an extensive range of Hagerty products including silver gloves, silver polish and of course the silver foam.

Why you will love this range

  • Fast cleaning
  • simple to use
  • easy removal of tarnish
  • keep silver cutlery gleeming
  • helps to preserve silver plate finishes, no hard rubbing.
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