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Silver Plate Cutlery

Silver plate cutlery adds a dimension of luxury. Luxury not achievable by stainless steel cutlery. Unlike stainless steel cutlery, quality silver plate improves as it ages. Also, with every use, a patina forms adding to the beauty of your silver plated cutlery set. Call us with any questions you may have.

Why use Silver Plate Cutlery

  • Great way to dress the table for family gatherings
  • Silverplate cutlery can also be a less costly way to add a touch of yesteryear.
  • Silverplate cutlery has the look and feel of Sterling silver without the price tag.
  • Gives a look of style and to your table.
  • Unless you examine a piece of silver plate closely, you cannot tell the difference from Sterling Silver.
  • Sets become family heirlooms
  • Considered to be less valuable than Sterling silver, using silverplate, can offer a variety of styles and designs at a more affordable price.
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