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Cutlery Brands

Let’s face it every home needs cutlery. Tableking also has the largest range of Quality Cutlery Brands in Australia. The beauty of Quality Cutlery starts with appearance. It simply looks better in all ways. The finish, the sheen as well as  the styling. It just looks better.  Then the feel.  Instantly you can feel the difference of good cutlery. It is balanced as well as comfortable. Lastly it is more durable. Good Quality flatware is designed to last.  We have trusted Cutlery Brands such as Carrs England, Cutipol of Portugal, Sabre of Paris, Herdmar of Portugal, Jean Dubost Laguiole France, Bugatti of Italy and many more. If you need help or advice call our service team – we’re here to help

    Quality Table cutlery

    Cutlery is used for many purposes.  Whilst most stainless steel cutlery can be used for Everyday and formal dining, the result may look somewhat tacky if you ahev spent money on a formal dinner setting only to spoil the appearance by using cutlery that looks boring rather than complimenting the dinner set.  There are plenty of cheap cutlery sets on the market and the reality is you get what you pay for.  If you are looking for sets that are durable, refined yet robust, elegant and practical then Tableking has your cutlery set.

    Types of Cutlery

    • Everyday cutlery needs strength and durability to put up with everything thrown its way on a daily basis.  generally most 18/8 – 18/10 stainless steel cutlery sets are ideal for this purpose and are used daily in restaurants around the world due to their strength.
    • Formal cutlery is designed to accommodate all types of formal dining from Traditional through to Modern styles of dining.  There are many ranges of cutlery in our warehouse to suit formal occasions from Brush Stainless steel through to Gold plated cutlery of Cutipol, Bugatti and Herdmar.
    • Heirloom Cutlery – Our Heirloom ranges of Silver Plate, Gold Cutlery and Sterling Silver can be found under Whitehill.

    How to care for cutlery

    You can find expert advice on our Tableking BLOG for caring for your cutlery. We have ensured that we have offered the best everyday pricing on our cutlery to ensure you get the best in value and quality product.   Should you have any questions regarding cutlery on our website please call our service team. We’re here to help you make the right choice.

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