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Stanley Rogers cutlery

Stanley Rogers Cutlery started in Melbourne back in 1930. The company quickly rose to be the number one brand of Quality Cutlery in Australia.

Now a global giant, Stanley Rogers Stainless Steel Cutlery graces tables around the world. With an extensive range of styles from Parish styled classics as well as modern contemporary designs. They also have a beautiful range of Quality Steak Knives. If you are shopping for beautiful cutlery you should certainly consider Stanley Rogers.

Caring for Stanley Rogers Stainless Steel Cutlery:

Quality Stainless Steel cutlery is designed to last for many years. Also, if you care for your cutlery it will be trouble free maintenance.

  • 18/10 Stainless Steel cutlery is dishwasher safe
  • Quality Stainless Steel is highly rust resistant
  • Avoid Citrus based cleaning tablets or detergents as they can cause a chemical reaction which looks like rust spots
  • Wipe dry after washing
  • Avoid letting sit in the dishwasher after the cycle has finished. Open the door to let the steam out.

For comprehensive information on keeping your stainless steel cutlery looking amazing read our Expert Guide – How to Care for Stainless Steel Cutlery

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