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Laguiole Andre Verdier Cutlery

Elegant French style as well as sophistication transforms your next meal with the Laguiole Andre Verdier Cutlery. The Andrea Verdier Laguiole Cutlery is a genuinely French brand, with a long heritage since 1859. The French design focuses on comfort, longevity and above all else; style. The Laguiole Debutant Cutlery range is affordably stylish and is available in a wide variety of colours. Laguiole is the perfect choice for both everyday dining and also formal entertaining.

What sets this French Cutlery range apart from others is firstly; the professional quality stainless steel blades with a mirror polish finish. Secondly; Expertly polished coloured ABS handles which offer high resiliency. And thirdly; genuine French trademarks including the Laguiole Bee on all cutlery pieces. All cutlery sets come with a certificate of authenticity, giving you piece of mind that you are purchasing cutlery made in France. The Andrea Verdier Laguiole Classique Range is the highest quality collection with 2.2mm thick knife blades.

Why Buy The Laguiole Andre Verdier Cutlery:

Tableking has been highly selective of which Laguiole brands to carry, to ensure our customers receive a quality product every time. Therefore we have chosen to only stock The Laguiole Dubost Cutlery range and the Laguiole Andre Verdier Cutlery collections. Throughout the 50 manufacturing processes including hand finishing; craftsmen ensure cutlery is of the highest standard. The design and production are in Theirs, France where Andre Verdier Cutlery has a long history.

Along with the Laguiole bee on the crest of the handle, cutlery sets are packaged in a beechwood box with dovetail joinery with an accompanying certificate of authentication.

What is the difference between the Debutant and Classique Ranges?

Tableking stocks both the Classique and Debutant ranges. Outlined below are the difference between the two Verdier collections. As is noted in the product descriptions both collections are made in France, are packaged in the beechwood box and of

The Debutant range is at an affordable price point for the price conscience customer who want genuine Laguiole cutlery. The debutant range is the most popular range for it’s good looks, price not to mention a varied colour range. Boasting a 1.2mm hardened steel blade with mirror finish as well as ABS handles with stainless steel bolsters.

The Classique range is the Verdier premier range of cutlery as a result offers more features that the Debutant cutlery. Each blade has a thickness of 2.2mm with engraving down the spine of the handle. Customers feel this additional weight along with decorative etches takes the cutlery to a higher level of luxury.

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