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Laguiole Jean Dubost Cutlery

Laguiole Jean Dubost Cutlery is the father of Authentic Genuine French Laguiole Cutlery and Gift sets.  Their family were also the first in France to perfect the ABS handle. This handle type is instantly recognised with French Laguiole.  They also were the first in France to export their beautiful cutlery designs to the Western World. It was this family which made the Laguiole cutlery style a household favourite around the globe. Highest attention to detail help perfect each piece of individually made cutlery. Even the stainless steel is thicker. The average Set comprises of a 1.5mm bladed knife able to hold a sharp edge. Other brands such as Andre Verdier have a serrated blade because the 1.2mm thickness can not carry a blade edge. Beware of imitations and buy the original and genuine article.

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