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Steak Knives

Cutting through meat is no problem when you have a solid steak knife. Whether you choose a serrated steak knife or a straight edge steak knife, it is your personal preference. Furthermore, no matter what your steak choice, using a steak knife will always make the dining experience so much better. Our Super Sharp Steak Knives will cut through your steak like a hot knife through butter.

Why use a steak knife? Well if you are eating the best cuts of meat then it enhances your meal. Slicing through a lovely tender eye fillet with a steak knife makes it easy to cut it into bite size morsels. All the better for you to pop into your mouth and enjoy. A steak knife also makes it easier to enjoy a more economical cut. No more struggling to cut through the toughest cut of meat. Let’s face it some of the best tasting meat falls into this category. A steak knife makes it so much easier to enjoy these cuts. Not only do we have an extensive range of steak knives but they come in various finishes. Of course, you can choose from timber handles, stainless steel handles, pistol grip, the list goes on.  You can match them to your current cutlery set or compliment it. Think about the look you would like to achieve whether that be rustic, more formal, every day. Of course, pricing is always important. Presto you are ready to browse our extensive range.

Features of our steak knives

  • We only sell genuine products, no seconds or knock offs
  • Some knives arrive gift boxed
  • Some are available in sets with steak forks

Why you will love using a steak knife

  • They make cutting steaks so much easier
  • Provide for a better dining experience
  • Show you family and guests you care about their comfort
  • Set your table for the meal to come

How to care for your Steak Knives

Always wash before use. Most of the steak knife sets are dishwasher safe (please check your specific item). To maintain pristine finishes it is best to hand wash in warm water. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a lint-free towel. If the handles of your knives are timber then hand washing is a must.

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