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Burleigh Dinnerware has graced tables worldwide for over 200 years. As a matter of fact, Burleigh Pottery is one of the last remaining pottery factories in England. And you instantly recognised the handmade beauty of Burleigh Pottery Made in England. The subtle differences in every piece of Burleigh tableware make you purchase a collectable piece for English history. Skilled potters and artisans hand-apply the delicate decal before glazing takes place. The result is an underglaze pattern, unlike most modern printed dinnerware.

Burleigh Dinnerware, Tea sets and table serving accessories are made from the best locally sourced English Clay. The dense stoneware body of Burleigh is extremely durable as well as being surprisingly lightweight.

Regardless of whether you set the ultimate formal tablescape or enjoy your Burleigh to use daily, one thing is for certain. You and your guests will fall in love with it.

100% No Seconds – English Hand made Quality Pottery Guaranteed.

Burleigh Pottery – Beautiful Dinnerware

With 200 years of unmatched quality, Burleigh Pottery is one of the last working pottery factories in England today. To sum up, Burleigh, one would use the word beautiful. Another key point to remember about Burleigh Pottery is it is surprisingly light compared to different stoneware brands on the market.

The very best in quality design tableware Made in the UK.

In a world of mass production, this company takes the time to make each item with love. The potters and artists at Burleigh England are passionate about their creations. In fact, the gift boxed cow creamers have a lovely little note which tells you who made your creamer—another example of the personal touch and pride of the artisan.

Also important to emphasise is the strength. Thanks to the Quality English Stoneware body, this classic English pottery brand is astonishingly strong.

Be an informed shopper. We don’t want you to buy a dinner set. We want you to love your dinner set. As Australia’s first online tableware retailers, we have always had a focus on the very best. So if you have a question, if you are unsure of something, we are here to serve you if you need any help. Also, remember our service also includes fetching you a quote and ordering in with our next shipment any special order product you may like us to order from Burleigh UK

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