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Burleigh Dinnerware has graced tables worldwide for over 200 years. As a matter of fact, Burleigh Pottery is one of the last remaining pottery factories in England. And you can tell the quality instantly of Burleighware. Each piece is uniquely different due to the hand application of the decal on every piece. Made using stoneware, each item is surprisingly light. Whether to dress up for a formal dinner or to use every day, if you love quality dinnerware and dinner sets, you will definitely love Burleigh.  Purchase a dinner set with the confidence of our exclusive 2yr chip warranty. 

Chip Resistant Warranty

Burleigh Pottery – Beautiful Dinnerware

With 200 years of unmatched quality, Burleigh Pottery is one of the last working pottery factories in England today. To sum up Burleigh, one would use the word beautiful. Another key point to remember about Burleigh Pottery is it is surprisingly light compared to other stoneware on the market.

The handmade difference of Burleigh Pottery

In a world of ever-increasing mass production, it is so refreshing to know some things are still made with love. The potters and artists at Burleigh England are passionate about their dinnerware. The hand applied decal patterns make every piece in the range is uniquely different.

Also something very important to emphasise is the strength. Thanks to the Quality English Stoneware body, Burleigh Pottery is incredibly strong.

If you have any questions about the Burleigh brand, please email our customer support team for assistance.

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