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Cornishware Dinner Sets

Cornishware Dinner sets and dinnerware are instantly recognized.  Many have tried to copy this iconic design and none have succeeded. Even though it looks simple don’t be fooled.  Cornishware is one of the most labour intensive dinnerware designs made in the world.  You will fall in love with Cornishware so be warned it is addictive. We have many customers starting off with one item then coming back to complete a collection.

There simply is nothing like Genuine Cornishware

This favourite classic range was first launched back in the 1920s and instantly became a household name throughout England as a quality tableware and kitchenware range.  The range grew to include iconic pieces such as Cornish Blue Storage jars, Teapots and Dinnerware, pudding bowls and more.  Due to the high labour costs in the UK, TG Green to survive moved the factory production to Asia.  The original molds were used, the product differs slightly in colour to original English Cornishware however the product has maintained strict manufacturing control to ensure you get the very best in quality.

Some things you might not know about Cornishware

The entire range is unique by way of how it actually is made.  Each and every item in the Cornish range is designed in the round to ensure that it can be hand painted on a turning potters wheel.  This exclusive way of design and manufacturing means every piece of Cornish is individually different in its own right.  This is one of the many reasons Cornish is also one of the worlds most collectible ranges.

Top 5 Favorites in Cornishware

  1. Pudding Bowl
  2. Tea Canister, Coffee Canister, Sugar Canister
  3. Teapot
  4. Garlic Keeper
  5. Dinner Sets

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