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Denby Dinner Sets

Denby Dinner Sets are Made in England by the Denby Pottery Company.  The brand is famous for their beautiful handmade pottery stoneware dinner sets and tableware.  Every piece is as individual as you are.  Deep Vibrant Colours and also superior strength and durability. Their Pottery is one of the worlds toughest tableware ranges. Celebrate Colour, Glamour and Elegance at your Dining Table with Denby.

We guarantee that your Dinner Set will not chip, so confident that we guarantee it for 2 years*

    The Denby Dinnerware Difference

    Talk about strength, many of our customers inherited their set from their Grandparents.  They are replacing their 40-year-old preloved dinnerware for a modern design.  How many modern dinnerware ranges can last for 40 years or more.  The secret lies not only in the English Clay, but also the heat they use to fire the clay.  Their Stoneware glazes are actually tougher than stainless steel meaning; they take longer than Fine China dinnerware to show marks and scratches.

    We guarantee that your Dinner Set will not chip, so confident that we guarantee it for 2 years*

    Why we love Denby Stoneware

    • Uniquely different with a range to suit almost every style of dining
    • 100% Quality Made by Hand, Glazed by Hand in England
    • A focus on excellence in product quality control
    • Superior Strength and Durability
    • Superior Insulation properties making it oven safe
    • Stain, Scratch and Chip resistant
    • Large ranges which include practical dinnerware and table serving accessories
    • The price point of English Pottery is outstanding value for money; when compared to other brands coming out of Asia for the same price.

    If you would like to know more about any of our Dinner Set ranges or products. Please call our customer service team.  We’re here to help you make the right choice.


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