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PortMeirion Dinner Sets

Gracing tables around the world for decades, Portmeirion dinner sets are both timeless and treasured by many. The most famous range, of course, is the Botanic Garden collection, a floral dinnerware and kitchenware range that is durable and practical.

Portmeirion top selling ranges include Sophie Conran white, Spode Blue Italian, Delamere Rural as well as Woodlands.

All Dinner sets feature our exclusive 2yr chip guarantee. If you chip it, we’ll replace it.

Portmeirion – Beautiful Dinnerware

We love dinnerware here at Tableking.  During our years we have seen ranges come and go. Patterns that have a shelf life of popularity and then fade out.  It is also great to see some designs that not only stand the test of time. Patterns appreciated for their beauty or uniqueness year after year.  Very few tableware companies can attest to having patterns that simply continue to be loved and admired. The average life of a dinner set in the retail market is around 4 years.  That is where Portmeirion is so very different than other companies.

History of Portmerion

In 1972 founder Susan Williams-Ellis developed what would become the most instantly recognised designs of Portmeirion Dinnerware, Botanic Gardens. Decorated with illustrations from Thomas Green’s Botanical, Medical and Agricultural Dictionary.  The resulting details and beauty would propel this range to one of the most loved. Also one of the most collectable ranges of dinnerware in the world.  To keep the range attractive to collectors each year Portmeirion certain pieces are retired while others are released.  Over 40 years later and Botanic Gardens still draws customers in like bees to the floral artworks on each piece.

In 2009, Portmeirion acquired the Spode and Royal Worcester brands, two of England’s most historically significant brands of English tableware.  Josiah Spode perfected a unique underglaze blue transfer printing technique back around 1784.  This led to the birth of one of,  if not the oldest Dinnerware pattern in the world today; Spode Blue Italian.  Launched in 1816,  Blue Italian was first made 200 years ago. And yet still admired and loved by households around the world.  The beauty of Blue Italian lies in its ability to work in practically any home and on any table.  In a modern home, Blue Italian can create a stand out dinner setting.  And in a country styled homestead, it simply looks purpose made for its surrounds.  Also in a Hampton style setting it looks relaxed and inviting. Yet in  a traditional formal setting it exudes a stately opulent look.

Due to the high popularity of these brands, we have expanded the ranges. We offer our customers  the largest ranges of Portmeirion and Spode in Australia. Our designs include:

  • Blue Italian
  • Delamere Lakeside
  • Delamere Rural
  • Woodland
  • Water Garden
  • Botanic Garden
  • Sophie Conran White
  • Sophie Conran White Oak
  • Sophie Conran Celadon

If there is a different range in the Portmeirion Group that we do not have at the moment; but you would like us to order for you please call us; and we shall find out the costs for you.

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