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Spode Blue Italian

Spode Blue Italian – Dinner sets, Tableware and Dinnerware. Spode Blue Italian brings classic style and a touch of subdued sophistication to your table. The instantly recognized blue and white The Spode Blue Italian design transforms all table settings. Tableking offers an Spode Blue Italian exclusive chip guarantee on all Spode Blue Italian Dinner Sets – if you chip it, we’ll replace it.

Create the perfect Hampton look with Spode Blue Italian

The saying old is new could never be more true than with the English Classic, Spode Blue Italian.  As the Hampton’s look has become re-imagined into more and more Australian homes, Blue Italian has had a surge in renewed popularity.  The classic Blue and White palette of Spodes most famous china pattern looks stylish and sophisticated in the modern home.  In a traditional setting Blue Italian still retains its formal appeal.   Few designs in dinnerware can suit almost any setting but Blue Italian simply works without effort and ties in perfectly to create a feeling of understated appeal and character.

Why buy Spode Blue Italian?

  • Timeless blue and white tableware design
  • Superior Quality manufactured by Portmeirion Spode
  • Can be used everyday or easily dresses up for any formal occasion
  • Extremely durable, scratch and chip resistant
  • Massive range makes it ideal to build a complete table setting over time.



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