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Burleigh Calico Blue

Burleigh Calico Blue is an infinitely adaptable British tableware favourite.  Functional and attractive in any tablescape. It is at home in both a Country Cottage and also a Modern designer home. The Dinner Sets as well as the accessories are all Made in England. The Calico Blue range is made with love at the hands of skilled Potters. Each piece is a testament to their skill and they make each piece so well. Burleigh Calico Blue is also extremely durable being made using English Stoneware. Buying Burleigh is not just buying a dinner set, it is investing in Tableware Art. We absolutely love Burleigh Dinnerware and are certain you shall love it also.

All our Burleigh Calico Dinner sets are backed by our famous 2yr chip resistant warranty*

Burleigh Calico Blue in the modern home.

The simple fact is Blue and White on a timber table hard to beat. Also, Burleigh’s famous Calico Blue design is instantly recognisable. Blue Calico is a range of dark blue and white floral tableware and kitchenware that works in almost any dining room.  Boasting an extensive practical range of table and kitchen accessories; Calico looks magnificent in a formal dining setting when the table set with linens and silver or stainless steel cutlery.  Equally at home for relaxed, casual dining or a cup of tea when good friends come over.

Things we simply love about Burleigh Calico Blue

  • Deep Blue offset with dainty white flowers compliments all timber tables.  It’s really a marriage in heaven.
  • Large range which includes both tableware and kitchenware.
  • Burleigh Calico makes a visually impressive open cabinet and plate rack display.  The kitchen items are stunning when displayed such as the signature tea, coffee and sugar canister set.
  • Superior strength English stoneware
  • Not only Dishwasher-safe, but also Oven Safe and Microwave Safe

If you love all things Made in England Burleigh ware is a must have.

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