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Denby Studio Blue

Denby Studio Blue dinnerware is as individual as you. Handmade by the artists at Denby England. It celebrates Blue with unique speckles and glossy glaze. Made from local clay near the Denby Factory, this pottery cannot be copied due to the properties of this unique clay. It is one of the toughest tableware ranges in the world. Also available, Denby Azure and Imperial Blue

What makes Denby Studio Blue so special?

For over 200 years Denby Pottery England have been using the same glazing process. In fact, there is no other glaze quite like it. Their time-worn techniques have proven that their dinnerware lasts the distance.

As for Studio Blue, this is a unique range. Taking its inspiration from colours of natural stones such as flint, shale and chalk. The colour combinations come together to form a laid-back tableware range.

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