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Falcon Enamelware

Falcon Enamel has been the choice of the generations for quality baked enamelware since 1920’s. Our range, Falcon Housewares is a division of the original English Falcon Enamelware and offers exceptional quality and value for money.

Quality Baked Enamelware – Dishwasher safe – Oven safe

Are there different brands of Falcon?

Recently there has been confusion between some Falcon on the market having a slightly different Falcon branded on the back of the items and the Falcon range we carry which does not.  There is ONE brand of Falcon which has been marketed differently into different global markets.  The Falcon shown on the Falcon UK website is manufactured in the same Asian factory as the Australia Falcon Homewares range.  Falcon UK have started to make under license certain exclusive colours and slightly thicker gauges of steel in order to brand their product to a more niche market in England.  Many of the Falcon UK products are the exactly the same with the exception of their Falcon branding on the back.  By not branding the Falcon on the bottom of each item as well as not having the Falcon products gift-boxed the Falcon Homewares range offers you the same quality product at a very reduced price point.  You still are getting the quality you love and trust without paying for things you may not need. Lately we have had customers getting confused after communicating with the UK in respect to whether their product or our product is genuine.  As mentioned above BOTH are genuine but both are targeting a different consumer market.  ALL Falcon Enamelware is designed in the UK and ALL Falcon Enamel ware is manufactured in Asia

About Falcon Baked Enamelware

White and Blue baked enamelware is a memory for many whether in Grandma’s kitchen or going camping with Dad.   The fact is people are buying Falcon enamelware more than ever before. Perfect to use at home, for oven to tableware, camping, fishing, picnic, and so much more.  We have restaurants all around the country who are absolutely loving the individual pie dishes for serving meals to their customers with hint of classic retro.

What we love about Falcon Enamel Products

  • Affordability
  • Quality Baked enamel
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • A classic look of yesteryear
  • Practical designed pieces for both the kitchen and the table
  • Extreme durability.  As a matter of fact they look even more retro age authentic when they have a little dent or two.
× Falcon Enamelware Dinner Plates Set of 4 Falcon Enamel Dinner Plates Set of 4
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