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Royal Doulton Gordon Ramsay Bread Street

Royal Doulton Gordon Ramsay Bread Street Dinner Sets and the Accessory range is co-designed by chef Gordon Ramsay. Practical table pieces, earthy glazing the Bread Street series by Royal Doulton centralises on conversation, fun, relaxed dining and sharing. Bread Street is also ideal for tapas dining with individual little bowls and dishes.

Bring an urban dining feel to your table with the Gordon Ramsay Bread Street Collection. This design takes on the feel easy going stylish dining experience from the world famous chef. Royal Doulton has recreated the feel of  Gordon’s  restaurant built in a large warehouse in London – Bread Street Kitchen. The range is designed to feel easy going and trendy, with style.

The palette of colour used for this collection ranges from white to slate grey, and this introduces an atmosphere which is equally ready for a casual lunch or everyday dinner and yet they are stylish enough to grace a formal dining setting.

Celebrate your food with Royal Doulton Gordon Ramsay Bread Street

Food does not usually dictate the appearance of tableware however at Doulton they take a different approach. Many tableware ranges are designed to look good on a blank table, but Bread Street is all about the food element Bread Street by Gordon Ramsay and Royal Doulton puts both food and design equally.  With natural inclusions of timber handled steak knives and boards through to earthy glazed dinnerware that accommodates the much-loved tapas and shared foods as well as standard meals. Relaxed dining with friends, including great conversation is what Bread Street is all about.

We guarantee that your Royal Doulton Dinner Set will not chip, so confident that we guarantee it for 2 years*

What we love about the Bread Street Range

  • Focusing on food serving and modern popular dining such as Tapas the range also is perfect still for traditional dining.
  • Durable dinnerware that can take the bumps and thumps
  • Neutral colours which can work well with difficult decor dining rooms
  • Affordable quality designer dinnerware
  • Microwave safe – Chip resistant – scratch and chip resistant dinnerware
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