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Wine Glasses

Looking for a set of new Wine Glasses? at Tableking you can choose from glass and also crystal wine glasses. When entertaining have the very best in white wine and red wine glasses, a beautiful glass will elevate your next dining occasion.

We stock the best wine glass brands including Waterford Crystal, Royal Doulton, IVV, Dartington and more.

Wine Glasses – Which one to use?

If you are search for wine glasses you may have noticed that there are a wide range of sizes and shapes to choose from, turning a simple decision into one which requires a dictionary.

The two main types of wine glasses are a White Wine Glass and a Red Wine Glass

White Wine Glasses:

A White wine glass will have a smaller bowl than a red wine glass. If you are wanting to only buy one set of wine glasses – then this is the type of wine glass to choose.

Red Wine Glasses:

Red wine glasses are typically taller with a larger bowl than a white wine glass. This allows you to swirl your wine, gentling aerating it within the glass exposing the wine to oxygen. It turn, this will give you a better taste and greater arome.

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