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Director Chair covers

Quality Director Chair Covers have important differences. The Fabric is dense as well as durable. The best Fabric is Indian Cotton which resists laddering and tearing. The covers are generous in size to allow for a little give. The stitching is strong so it also prevents seams coming apart. They are washable again and again. All our Director Chair Covers tick the above criteria. Instantly spice up your outdoor setting. Add a bit of Glam but also character.

100% Machine Washable – Colourfast – Dense Weave Indian Cotton. When you buy a chair cover from Tableking you can buy with confidence.

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Quality Director Chair Covers – Whats the difference?

There are dozens of different brands on the market of Chair covers but they are not all the same.  The simple thing is that there are a number of things which separate Good Quality Director chair covers from average ones.  The birth of a Good Quality Director chair cover starts well before the stitching and fabric come into play.  Design is very much part of a Quality Director chair cover.  Designers like annieB and Craft Studio whom have been designing Quality covers for years have focused on generous fitting to allow for some room over the chair itself.  This is critical to allow for pulling at the stitching against the frame points when someone sits in the chair.  Without a little room for pulling stitching no matter how good starts to come apart pretty quickly.

Other elements which are important in Quality Director chair cover design are that they should sit above the bottom of the legs of the chair by approximately an inch to prevent soiling. This also stops the cover getting stuck under the chair leg when the chair is moved which prevents fabric tearing.  Once the design elements are achieved the fabric choice is made.  Fabrics in Quality Director chair covers are very important.  Thin ones don’t allow for regular washing and look quite see through when on the chair which results in a cheap overall look.  Our director chair covers use the very best in Dense Weave Indian Cotton which gives them a very long durable life with excellence machine wash results.  Finally the stitching is critical for lasting results.  Both annieB and Crafts Studio chair covers use the highest degree of quality stitching for strength of joins and to create very long life chair covers.

There is a lot to be said about getting what you pay for and in Director Chair covers this is a very true statement.

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