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Boning Knives and Fillet Knives

Use a Boning Knife to easily remove bones from meat and poultry as well as fish and red meat. Also, the thin blade with pointy end makes it ideal for getting into small tight spaces. With a thin narrow blade, this type of knife allows you to make precise cuts along the bone line. We currently stock boning knives in the following popular brands and more Messermeister, Global, Furi and Tojiro.

Fish, meat and also poultry contain bones which can be unwanted. While some meat cuts keep the bone intact, many prefer to remove the bone. This makes sense when making stews, fillets and food more edible; it also allows for a safer time eating.

You can remove the bones from most cuts using a regular knife, but this creates waste and is dangerous.  A regular knife is thicker and also does not provide the same level of flexibility that some cuts need. Specially made for the job of deboning and filleting these knives are much safer to use than regular knives.

You will notice these benefits when using Boning Knives and Fillet Knives

  • The thin blade of these knives makes the deboning process faster.
  • Waste less meat during the process, leaving the cut intact.
  • Removing bones will be easier when the proper knife is used.
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