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Furi Knives

Furi Knives – Superior Japanese Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives. Designed for precise cutting, slicing and chopping while preparing food in any kitchen environment. The range includes Carving sets, Knife sharpeners, Knife Sets and Knife Blocks.

When a knife feels good in your hand, then it is right for your hand. Each knife manufactured with a dedication to quality &  passion for making a knife designed to last. Each Knife features an innovative reverse wedge handle design to reduce hand fatigue.  With a unique profile of each handle to encourage the use of the pinch grip by including a slot for the middle finger. To ensure you can use the full length of the blade Furi has made the bolster thinner towards the blade. Notably, the construction of each knife is seamless meaning no traps for germs, the ultimate in food hygiene. These knives feature a super fine cutting edge, which provides for an “out of the box” sharpness which comes from an artisan approach to every detail.

Features of Furi Knives

  • feels good in your hand
  • made from 18/10 stainless steel
  • seamless construction , no food scraps can get caught
  • super fine cutting edge

About Furi

Mark Henry, a mechanical engineer, established Furi in 1996. Mark is a specialist engineer in knife materials and cutting edges. When Mark first designed Furi knives he thought outside the box, he put hands first. Mark is also the Design and Quality Consultant for Furi.


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