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Global Knives

Why Global Knives are the Best:

  • Global Knives have a thin blade design which offers precision when slicing
  • The steep cutting edge gives your extra sharp blade edge which lasts longer
  • A CROMOVA 18 Stainless steel construction for a lasting sharp edge and stain resistance
  • Global knives are instantly recognisable for their sleek, ergonomic design that ensures easy cleaning.
  • The Knife block sets offer extreme value for money

Global Knives – Professional Results every time you cut

Knives by Global combine the traditional Japanese Samurai Sword craftsmanship and modern technology.  This way they create superior blades refined for perfectly angled and precision cutting.  For information on how to sharpen a knife correctly, please see our blog articles.  Well weighted and ergonomically comfortable to hold, these knives are sure to please.  They are full stainless steel which means they are almost impossible for bacteria to breed on as there are no joins or rivets.  They are attractive to look at and did we mention incredibly sharp.

Why Global Knives are a must have in your at home

French are known for Laguiole cutlery and the English known for Bone China. For the best in stainless steel knives Japan excels.  Japan has been forging knives for centuries, and their skills world renowned for excellence in the field.   Global has drawn on centuries of craftsmanship to ensure that the way they are balanced.  Also that their edge is as perfect as possible.

The precision blade edge of a Global knife would be its signature. Unlike many Western knives which are machine bevelled to a sharp edge, with Global the knife blades are sharpened by grounding on both sides of the blade.  This results in a much steeper angle and thinner blade edge.  The edge, in fact, is so thin that even when it wears down it still cuts thinner than a bevelled edge blade.

With respect to perfect weight balancing, anyone who knows about quality cutlery knows hollow handles are much more difficult and time-consuming to create.   For perfect cutlery weight, hollow handles are a must.   Global uses hollow handles to ensure perfection in even weight distribution when handling.  The hollow handles are measured, and sand-filled inside for perfect balance.  Using this method instead of a traditional full tang and bolster ensures efficiency when cutting and sharpening.

For the best value when buying Global, we suggest looking at the Global Knife blocks.  These generally have all the knives you need for practically every application in the kitchen.  The knife blocks also have exceptional value for money when compared to buying the individual knives.  Should you require any further advice on the Global brand of Kitchen Knives, please call our customer service team.  We’re here to help you make the right choice.


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