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Shun Knives

Shun Knives give you the ultimate edge when preparing meals in the kitchen, Suited to both the professional Chef and the home chef, the Shun range of knives will offer you razor sharp performance time and time again
 Shun Kai – Made by Hand in Japan – Damascus Steel Chef Knives.
To ensure perfection of the finished product  Shun Kai knife hand forge them through many manual stages. Shun Kai follow time honoured traditional steel folding to create their masterpiece Kai Collection of Damascus steel chef knives.  Every knife is unique due to the folding pattern.  The result is a knife which is simply hard to beat in all areas of food preparation.

 Things we love about Shun

It would be a lot easier to mention what we don’t like about Shun because there is simply nothing we can think of.  To hold a Shun knife in your hand there is a feeling of total satisfaction that you are hold one of the best knives in the world.  Impressive to look at, impressive to hold, impressive results. Hard wearing forged steel blades which last a very long time in between honing. To get the best life span between cutting use the Shun Japanese Cypress cutting boards. Made from soft Japanese pine they are antibacterial and gentle on the blade edge to assist in prevention of dulling.



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