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Tojiro Knives

Tojiro Knives are the choice of professionals around the globe. Heston Blumenthal chooses Tojiro Knives above all others for their precision, quality and design.

Tojiro is one of Japans top knife makers. Tojiro uses painstaking ancient techniques to create professional quality knives to create professional quality knives. This makes them not only strong and sharp but also well balanced.  Choose from the Tojiro Flash Professional Series, Tojiro Sharakumono Series, DP3 Series, Traditional Japanese Series and also Traditional Chinese Series.

Why we like Tojiro Knives

  • Truly professional knives
  • Designed for precision and also quality
  • Well balanced
  • Blade made from molybdenum vanadium steel
  • Improved corrosion resistance
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