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Carving Knives

What would a Sunday Roast be, without a good quality Carving Knife? The long narrow blade of a Carving Knife allows you to cut into large cuts of meat with minimal sticking. Choose from a range of quality Carving Knives from brands such as Global, Furi, Tojiro and more at Tableking.

Typically a carving knife has a straight blade, that is to say, not serrated. Some people prefer a pointed end knife others, a round tip, either way; we are sure to have a knife to suit. The blade should be about 200mm in length.  It should feel comfortable in the hand and also well balanced. A carving knife typically does not have a very wide blade, that is, it is not generally as wide as a chef’s knife. Because of the thinner blade it is preferable to use a sawing motion. Carving knives can are useful for slicing roasts or cutting large pieces of fish.

Care of a carving knife

As each different brand of knife has different properties, it is best to check specific requirements of the particular knife you buy. Generally,  hand wash after each use, dry with a soft cloth and replace into its storage place. Knives can be stored successfully in blocks or drawers or even on magnetic knife racks. If you care for your knife properly it will give you a lifetime of service. The best advice of any chef is always to buy the best knives that you can afford.

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