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Chefs Knives

Also known as a cook knife,  Chefs Knives are the workhorse of your kitchen. This is the knife to use for most food preparation tasks including dicing meat, chopping vegetables and even slicing fruits. Chef’s Knives are distinguished by the blade which is, usually thin and sharp. Generally curved at the end to allow for a slight rocking motion. Cook Knives range from 16cm – 30cm.

A Japanese Cook or Chef Knife is called a Santoku knife. Many Santoku knives feature çullens or scalloped blades; allowing for foods to fall off the blade easily. Cook Knives range from 16cm – 30cm.

We have the perfect Kitchen Knife for you. Choose from our wide range of kitchen knives and knife blocks.  Designed to make food preparation fast and safe. Along with their precise blades and balanced handles. We stock leading knife brands such as Shun, Global, Furi, Messermeister, Solicut and more.

A modern day Chef’s knife is designed to perform multi-tasks rather than to specialising in one thing. Not only can you use these knives for slicing meat you can mince meat or chop vegetables.  All this using this one versatile tool. A good knife is a tool and as such must be looked after properly. Keep your chef’s knife honed to a sharp edge. Wash it gently, dry with a soft cloth and replace it into its holder. A good knife will give you a lifetime of use. Not only will it give a lifetime of service if you purchase a good knife and treat it well it will make the job easier. Every good chef knows that the better the knife, the better the cook.

Good knife skills are easier to learn with a quality knife.

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