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Knife Sharpeners

Knives are expensive so keep the blade sharp.  Our range of Knife Sharpening tools and accessories ensure that you don’t need to be a cutler or butcher to keep your knife sharp. Choose from traditional style whetstones to electric knife sharpeners to restore a razor sharp edge to your most used kitchen tool. Honing steels will aid in realigning the blade while sharpening will grind back the knife for a sharp edge. We stock the biggest brands including Chefs Choice, whetstones from Tojiro and Messermeister and the wonderfully easy to use Minosharp Ceramic Sharpener from Global Knives.

Why you to Sharpen your Knife

Every home should own a good knife sharpener. Keeping your knife blade sharp not only makes food preparation so much more efficient, but it also makes slicing and cutting safer. Eventually, all blades become dull and slowly becomes more and more difficult to achieve neat slices.

When choosing a knife sharpener consider the type of knives that you own. Choosing a sharpener may come down which one will sharpen your knives best at the correct angle. Japanese blades such as santoku knives will require sharpening at about 15degrees, whereas a European blade should be sharpened at 20 degrees.

There are many different types of sharpeners available, all of which will grind your blade edge to expose a sharper one. The most traditional method is with the use of a whetstone; this will take practice to use yet is the preferred choice of professional chefs. The Global Minosharp sharpener is a ceramic water sharpener which sharpens at the correct angle.

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