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Santoku Knives

The Santoku Knives are a general purpose knife that is ideal for thin slicing, dicing and mincing. Slice and dice with accuracy. The Santuko knife is not only versatile but also a must for many kitchens. Unlike the Chefs Knife, the Santoku Knife has a limited amount of rocking, has a wider blade and is generally thinner. This makes it perfect for separating chicken and chopping meats.

We stock a wide range of Santoku Knives from leading brands such as Furi, Messermeister, Global, Shun and more

The first step to good cooking is great knife skills. Excellent knife skills are easier to attain with a good knife. Always select the very best you can afford. Choose a knife that will last a long time. Treat it with consideration, Clean it properly and store it in an appropriate place. A cutlery drawer which does not have places for knives will have your knives rubbing against other kitchen tools. This will dull your knives over time.

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