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Cutting Boards and Blocks

We specialise in Timber Cutting Boards and Chopping Boards. All our boards come from sustainable sourced timbers.  Bamboo and Hardwood make the bulk of our boards.  These timbers are gentle on your knife blades when cutting. They also are antibacterial and hygienic. Shop from our selection of quality timber chopping blocks, boards and paddle boards. We have the best names in chopping boards, Ironwood, Teak Haus, Big Chop and many more.  These are the brands true chefs use.

Use your new board in a variety of ways other than just cutting.  Think of ways you can use it as a styling tool as seen on many television shows. Use Preparation Boards to serve sandwiches and tapas style meals to the table. You can also use them to serve meat, vegetables or salads. Serve your cheese and fruit on a large chopping block, add some muscatels and paste for a delicious end to a meal.

Benefits of Using a Chopping Block

  • Your kitchen benches will be scratch free
  • Your knives will stay sharp for longer
  • Food will have a much neater appearance. The block will enable you to cut cleaner edges.

Advantages of using timber and bamboo chopping boards

  • Timber has been proven to have advantages over other types of chopping board materials.
  • Shallow cuts on wooden boards will close up on their own
  • Timber and bamboo are easier on knife blades
  • The material used to make a good cutting board should be soft and easy to clean but not abrasive.


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