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Kitchen Scales

Whether you are baking a cake or cooking a curry, Kitchen scales allow you to achieve perfect results every time by giving you accurate measurement for your ingredients. Digital kitchen scales can give you results up the milligram, a handy tare function and some clever kitchen scales will even measure liquids for you. Mechanical scales are useful kitchen tool whilst looking good on your kitchen bench top

Recipes are made to be followed, especially baking recipes and recipes where a careful balance of flavours is required such as curries. So while it is ok to just wing it when making spaghetti bolognaise, careful ingredient measuring is important when baking cakes and vindaloo; making the humble kitchen scales an important tool in the kitchen.

Types of Kitchen Scales

Kitchen scales generally fall in to two categories, mechanical scales and digital scales. These two types of kitchen measuring scales can still very vastly with a wide range of features and aesthetics to set the apart. Mechanical scales offer a old world charm that come in a wide range of colours including a timeless stainless steel finish to choose from; you will want to have on display on your kitchen counter all the time ready to be used. These scales usually have a large easy to read dial and come with our without a bowl that sits on the base. Many digital scales range in size from small platform scales to a larger size suitable to be left on the bench top. Choose your digital scales to match your needs, these can come packed with features from tare function that return the scales to zero to allow you to measure new ingredients, to Aqua functions to measure liquid ingredients such as milk and water.

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