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Ironwood Gourmet

Ironwood Gourmet cutting boards, presentation boards and chopping blocks combine the beauty of natural timber; and the practicality of protecting your knives as you cut. Ironwood Gourmet make these superior chopping boards from sustainable hardwoods plantations using Acacia Wood.

Benefits of Timber Chopping and Cutting Boards

Good kitchen and chef knives are expensive and are an investment worth keeping. Despite the fact that most knives are made from Quality Stainless Steel; the fact is, stone and glass cutting boards are one of the worst things to use when cutting;  they dull blades and can damage them.  Professional chefs have long used hardwood cutting and chopping boards due to the protection they offer their knives. The less dull a knife gets, the less maintenance it requires. Timber cutting boards are easy to maintain to provide you with many years of a beautiful hygienic cutting surface.  We also sell Natural Oils and Bees Wax to keep your board preserved for longer.

Why Choose Ironwood Gourmet?

Ironwood Gourmet cutting boards and chopping boards are designed for many functions; both for food preparation and also for serving.  The company has recognition for its protection of natural forests. Ironwood only uses timber grown on sustainable fast-growing Acacia tree plantations to make their boards  The Acacia tree has all the properties of hardwood, and offers a strong water repellent tight grain that not only looks beautiful but offers easy cleanup and little maintenance.

Things we love about Ironwood Gourmet

  • One of the best ranges of hardwood timber cutting, chopping and carving boards.
  • Outstanding range of serving boards, platters and paddle boards perfect for all dining requirements
  • Superior Quality in manufacturing and the finish of the timber
  • Only sustainable timber used which protect the natural forests – Unlike cheaper boards, Ironwood Gourmet have exception Green credentials. So when you are buying an Ironwood Gourmet board, you are saying NO to deforestation of rain forests and natural forests.
  • Superior Knife blade protection
  • Mould and stain resistant
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