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Teak Haus Cutting Boards and Blocks

Teak Haus Cutting Boards will add beauty as well as style to your kitchen. Most importantly they are durable and also very practical. Manufactured by Proteak from sustainably grown teak wood. Propteak are proactive about being socially as well as environmentally responsible. Proteak plantations are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council. Meaning all Teak Haus boards are from trees sustainably managed.

About Teak Haus Boards – Proteak manufactures the Teak Haus brand cutting boards. Proteak started making boards from renewable teak in 2000. Latin America has a similar climate to South East Asia. This climate allows the Teak to grow without fertiliser or irrigation. This enables Proteak to grow top-quality teak with minimal environmental impact. Teak is not only durable, but it does not easily warp and is not easily scratched.  Proteak stimulates the economy in the tree farming communities of Latin America by paying fair wages as well as quality employment.

Caring for Teak Chopping Boards

  • You should season before use. This helps prevent the absorption of odours and stains.
  • All wooden surfaces require oiling to maintain a beautiful finish.
  • Do not use vegetable oils as they may become rancid.
  • We recommend a USP grade mineral oil found at most hardware shops.
  • You can also use Coconut oil or beeswax.
  • For the initial treatment, you may need to apply 4 to 5 coats
  • The more you apply, the better, leave it to soak in before applying the next layer and then leave overnight before buffing ready for use.
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