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The Big Chop Chopping Boards

The Big Chop Chopping Boards handcrafted in Tasmania, and made from beautiful Australian timbers. All woods carefully selected from responsibly harvested timbers. Along with this these beautifully crafted chopping boards have a timeless quality and will last generations. Not only taking pride of place on your kitchen bench top but also always at hand for all food preparation tasks.

The Big Chop chopping boards are the boards to choose;

When shopping for beautifully crafted timber boards made from premium Australian timbers always choose Big Chop. Timber sourced from sustainably managed plantation, and also native re-growth forests in Tasmania. Choose from chopping boards also presentation boards; made from Sassafras timber, Myrtle timber and Celery Top timber, also Tasmanian Blackwood and Tasmanian oak.  We also have some boards made from all five timbers.

These timber boards offer natural antibacterial qualities. While also providing the best cutting surface for your knives by not dulling your blades prematurely. We offer a wide range of The Big Chop boards from carving boards. Some with a generous moat to catch the juice from your just cooked roast.  To generously sized chopping boards designed to sit on your kitchen bench top; to be available for use at all times – for any task.

Why we love The Big Chop Boards

  • Made from Australian timbers sourced from managed plantations
  • Wonderfully smooth finish
  • Each board is unique – no two boards are the same
  • Timeless appeal with longevity, ready to be passed down throughout generations
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Crafted by artisan wood workers and turners
  • Best choice cutting surface, to preserve the edge of your knife blade


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