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Mandolines and Slicers

It’s little wonder that professional kitchens all over the globe use Mandolines and Slicers to achieve brilliant results in moments. Once you use a mandoline there is no going back, the precise slicing and super fast results make light work of your food preparation. Tableking stocks the best and biggest brands in mandolines and slicers such as Benriner – all at the best prices everyday,

Why use a Mandoline Slicer

Mandolines and slicers not only cut your food preparation time in the kitchen, it also gives you professional quality results every single time. Achieve the deliciously thin potato slices requires for a potato galette and potato bakes in moments or perfectly julienne carrots for stir-fries and mid-week meals. Professional Chefs will proudly use Benriner mandoline slicers and shredders to achieve these fast results because making restaurant quality meals time and precision matters.

Mandoline slicers and spiralisers are an excellent tool to encourage healthier eating in your home. Our selection of spiralisers from both Benriner and Gefu brands are also compatible for commercial use. Spiralise your carrots and zucchinis to create garnishes and wheat free noodle alternatives also called zoodles. Spiralising vegetables is easy with the use of a Benriner Vertical Turning slicer, this commercial grade slicer can make bulk loads of spiralised vegetables in moments especially helpful for those requiring a gluten-free diet.

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