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Slow Cookers

Slow Cookers will ensure your meal is cooked to perfection while you have been at work or busy with other commitments. Slow cooking for deliciously tender meals has never been easier that with the current range of KitchenAid Slow Cookers and Cuisinart Slow Cookers that feature smart programs that will cook your food for your desired length of time and then switch to a keep warm mode.

Why we love Slow Cookers

While you will have to wait longer for your meal, a slow cooker will cook your meal during the day while you do other things. The slow cooking process will add moisture and bring tenderness to even the toughest cut of meat, turning cheap meat into deliciously succulent casseroles for all the family. Electric Slow cookers provide a safer option for day-long cooking than the stove-top or oven whilst using a low wattage to slowly cook away.

Get organised and prepare your meal in the morning, throwing all the ingredients into the crock pot and set temperature to low. When you get home you will walk into the delicious aromas of a meal that has been gently cooking all day long and is now ready to eat. This easy style of cooking will mean you only have one pot to clean a bonus for all the busy parents.

What can you cook in the Slow Cooker

The slow cooker is extremely versatile, and there are huge recipe collections available on the internet with tried and tested slow cooker recipes. Use your slow cooker to cook a lamb shoulder, vegetarian curries, butter chicken, lamb shanks, soup, bone broths and much much more.

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