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Bowls are a necessity for every kitchen and for dining too. Everyday soup bowls, pasta bowls, cereal bowls or even noodle bowls hold our food while we enjoy our meal. The most popular are the cereal bowls and pasta bowls. Cereal bowls are deep bowls to hold the cereal and milk with minimal spill. On the other hand, Pasta bowls are wide almost like a plate. Tableking stocks favourite brands such as Noritake, Royal Doulton, Denby and much more.

Types of Bowls for the table:

Today it is not uncommon for the average home to own a selection of different bowl sizes to suit the meal. No longer are families struggling to fit wheet-bix in a soup plate with milk spilling over. Moreover, pasta served in a wide pasta bowl will catch the drips from agreeable slurps. However, not only do we need different bowls for different meals, entertaining can also call for formal style bowls. The addition of gold or platinum trim adds a luxurious touch to your table – perfect for entertaining, yet unnecessary for everyday meals. To help you choose the right bowl, below is a list of different bowls and their uses:

  • Cereal Bowls: Usually small and deep enough for a serving of cereal.
  • Tapas Bowls: Small bowls designed for sharing small meals and or sauces
  • Rice Bowl: Small and shallow to fit one scoop of rice
  • Noodle Bowl: These deep bowls are practical for both noodles and cereal. The depth prevents spills of noodle broth
  • Dipping Bowls: Small and shallow for serving a range of condiments or sauces to the table
  • Serving Bowls: Large and deep for serving salads and meals directly to the table for everyone to serve themselves.
  • Soup Plates: The deep rimmed plate is ideal for serving soup as it makes eating soup easier.
  • Pasta Bowls: A wide bowl, almost like a plate, that can fit pasta and also a side of salad.
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