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Coffee Mugs

Coffee Mugs are essential part of every home or office. They are more than just drinking out of.  A Good Coffee brings people together. Our Mugs can make that moment even more special. With our ranges catering from Formal to Casual designs you can cater for the atmosphere you want.  We have styles which can be for the home, office clients or boardroom. Cappuccino cups and saucers, Beaker style mugs, Craftsman mugs, curved mugs, tall and also short mugs we have the lot. We carry the best brands from around the world.  Denby, Noritake, Burleigh, Royal Doulton, Spode, PortMeirion, Adler and many more.

Types of Coffee Mugs

Once upon a time every home had a range of coffee mugs and tea cups and used each for their purpose only. Today, mugs are used to drink coffee, tea and much more. Tea, Coffee, Cup of Soup, Hot chocolate just to name a few. And with the increasing love of coffee machines, the home has certainly become a place where a simple mug may not to the job anymore. So which mug is the best fit for you, and your lifestyle? Here’s a list of different names and their general purpose to help you choose what mug is right for your home.

  • Hot chocolate – generally the preferred mug for hot chocolate is approx 400 – 500ml and wide at the top. This mug is wide at the top, allowing for marshmallows and sprinkles.
  • Cappuccino Mug – generally 200ml wide shaped small cup shape.  The width allows for you to put your home made barista style steamed milk froth on top – don’t forget the chocolate sprinkle
  • Flat Whites – a 250 – 350ml mug is perfect.
  • Latte Mugs – A tall glass that is heat tempered.
  • Tea – Enjoy a cup of tea in mugs of various sizes. For a strong tea, serve in a smaller mug. For a weaker tea, serve in a large mug

How to Care for Coffee Mugs:

With the exception of mugs with Gold or Silver trim all our mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe. To avoid chipping, do not stack in the cupboard.

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