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Coffee Mugs

Types of Coffee Mugs

  • Hot chocolate – generally the preferred mug for hot chocolate is approx 400 – 500ml and wide at the top. This mug is wide to allow for marshmallows and sprinkles.
  • Cappuccino – generally 200ml wide shaped small cup shape.  The width allows for you to put your homemade barista style steamed milk foam on top – don’t forget the chocolate sprinkle
  • Flat White – a 250 – 350ml mug is perfect.
  • Latte – A tall glass that is heat tempered.
  • Tea – Enjoy a cup of tea in mugs of various sizes. For a strong tea, serve in a smaller mug. For a weaker drink, serve in a large mug

How to Care for Coffee Mugs:

Except for mugs with Gold or Silver trim,  all are dishwasher and microwave safe. To avoid chipping, do not stack in the cupboard.

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