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Placemats and Coasters

Why use Placemats and Coasters?

Placemats and coasters are a must for timber dining tables and also timber coffee tables. Below is a list of reasons why placemats and coasters are a necessity in every home.

  • Adds colour and interest to your dining room.
  • Decorative placemats will set the mood for the dining occasion i.e.; formal, casual, relaxed etc.
  • Prevent stains on your table from spillage
  • Keeps your table safe from heat marks from hot plates, cups and mugs
  • Use cork-back placemats in the centre of your dining table for serving accessories in the place of a trivet.
  • Coasters are ideal for protecting the table from round heat marks from the base of cups and mugs.
  • Coasters can also be used to protect your table from water marks and stains from condensation from cold drinks in summer.

How to care for Cork Backed Placemats:

It is easy to care for cork backed coasters and placemats. Firstly, always read the maximum heat the surface can handle, and never exceed this. Wipe up spills quickly to prevent damage to the cork or print. Do not emerse the cork placemats into water. Wipe clean with a damp cloth after each meal.

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